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Is it just me or does anyone else find people in business or finance related fields to be boring?

When I'm meeting new people and we introduce ourselves and our areas of interest, and they tell me they're in business school or going for their finance/accounting degree, I always lose a little bit of respect for that person.

It simply seems so commonplace to see another business/finance major. Do they have no real interest in anything else? It's like telling me I only find management and number crunching to be an interesting past time.

I understand that most people don't actually feel that way and that they do indeed have genuine interests outside their specialty, but why follow a career choice purely motivated by convenience or monetary desire? I understand that it's the safest bet, but surely there are some things that are more important in life than money or playing it safe all the time.

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    How can you presume that everyone pursuing a degree in finance/accounting (business) is boring? I am working right now to get my bachelors degree in Accounting and believe me I am WAY far from boring. I am a very dynamic, humorous, ambitious, independent, meticulous young lady. I am a very well rounded and interesting person. If someone chooses to pursue a career in a certain field of business it does not imply that they are monotonous, maybe they essentially have an interest in business. I am good in math and at the same I love working with numbers. I also consider that a person should think why they are going to college and what job they are going to obtain with the degree that they acquired. Hence, I don’t believe that a person is boring just because they are engaged in business matters, and you don’t have to lose respect just because business interests them. I think that you should get to know the person better and then make a rationalized judgment on him/her.

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    judge not, lest ye be judged.

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