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Coming From a Red Bull Fan: Team Red Bull Awesome Qualifying Runs?

Well Vickers on Pole and Speed raced his way to a Top 10 qualifying spot. Go Team Red Bull!

I. What do you think of Team Red Bull's Qualifying Run?

II. Where does your Driver start?

Please Star if your Ready For Good Racing Under the Lights!!


Tbone - True, Very True. But once Team Red Bull debuted I followed them and Just found that their Team fit my Style.

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    1. They did awsome!!! w00t! i predict a awsome race once again from Scott Speed... and nice run for Vic's, i hope they both do good, possibly 1st win for Speed would be AMAZING! He needs to get back in top 35 =P

    2. Jeff Burton 5th =D

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    I. Great day for Team Red Bull! They have been making good strides lately and I think they will do even better later on this year. Brian Vickers is one of my favorite drivers, so I'm happy to see him on the pole. I hope he wins one soon and makes the chase this year. Scott did a good job last week and it's nice to see a good qualifying run from him today.

    II. Right next to the #83 in 2nd!

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    They do it because it is much more successful advertising strategy than just writing their name on football shirts. They are currently the largest energy drinks company and what to make their drink more famous in order to fight other companies successfully over the market. It might just be a right way to invest their money. Imagine the fans of all those teams buying Red Bull for their games. Don't forget that they do also sponsor the Red Bull Salzburg football team, the Red Bull Racing F1 team, the Scuderia Torro Rosso F1 team, the EC Red Bull Salzburg(hockey) team and Team Red Bull(NASCAR).

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    Awesome. I like TRB (though when they got rid of Allmendinger for Speed, I was PO'ed) I hope Vickers wins one here soon. Maybe Michigan, Richmond, Lowe's, or Dover. He runs well there always. Speed is off to some serious momentum following the top 5. He might run well.

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  • AJ W
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    1 decade ago

    Congrats are in order for your boys' good runs in qualifying. It's not where you start, though, that matters, but Scott Speed needed this as a boost to his confidence. Maybe he can hang around and be in line for a solid finish tomorrow night. I wish you the best of luck.

    My driver starts on the inside of Scott.

  • Rondi
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    1 decade ago

    Both Vickers & Speed are very good drivers. I see a victory for Vickers real soon.

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    you might want to wait until the race to hear where he actually starts. inspection. i've just never known vickers to throw down an awesome lap. we've all seen him [his team] cheat. no offense. otherwise.. toyota's got one up this week. nothing against vickers personally.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not very suprised. I'm happy for Brian cause he goes out of his way to sign autograph's. Kurt Busch goes off seventeenth and let's hope he get's that car fired up. LOL

    Enjoy the race my young friend.

  • Tbone
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    1 decade ago

    Hey wait. You were a Truex Menard fan last time I checked. What gives? Good qualifying though.

    That's cool. I like those guys as well MR Mikey.


  • fluffy
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    1 decade ago

    Right on dude!

    Now i'm curious on how fast he's going to lose that position to the Daytona 500 pole sitter.

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