how can you treat a sinus infection without antibiotics?

i have a tendency to get sinus infections, and have another one i think. i don't have insurance, and even if i did i've never had much success with antibiotics for my sinus infections.

what are some ways to treat a sinus infection at home?

i usually irrigate with plain warm water a couple times a day & spray saline solution in there frequently. anything else i should do, or do differently??


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    If you keep getting them on a regular basis, then I would recommend a Neti Pot. It seems weird, but it is VERY effective for keeping the nasal passages healthy and moisturized, which makes them more resistant to sinus problems.

    You can get a Neti Pot in most drug stores or health food stores... it kind of looks like a small watering pot for plants. What you do is put a Saline solution (a 1% salt water solution... it's easy to make) in it, tip your head sideways over the sink, and pour the solution into one nostril so it can pour out the other.

    It takes a few tries to get used to, but if you use it once a day, the salt water helps to clean and nourish your sinus cavities and actually helps to keep sinus problems away if it's used daily.

    Like I said, it seems weird and threw me off when I first heard about it, but my mom and step dad use one with great benefits, my mom has MUCH less problems with her allergies now that she uses it, and they've even gotten some of their friends to use a Neti Pot with the same results. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    Source(s): Personal experience and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company (we carry Neti Pots)
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    While you should always check with a doctor first:), there are some natural healing ways to cope with a sinus infection. You may want to try a Neti pot and the Neti solution that comes with it. You can order these off Amazon or any retailer that sells Ayurvedic products. A steam inhalation can help...boil some water with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils (about10 drops of each) and carefully inhale the steam. Clove tea is another remedy.

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    Sinus Rinse

    There's a sinus rinsing kit you can buy at like Walmart. It's pretty affordable. That's what I use.

    Hope that helps :)

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    colloidal silver works wonders!! its a really amazing, very safe, general antibiotic that does not promote antibiotic resistance in microbes. I use it for everything. Acne, eye infections, internally for colds and flus, even foot odor. and they make colloidal silver in a nasal spray, I highly recommend you try it!

    p.s. neti pots are amazing too.

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    irrigate your nose w/colliodal silver, worked wonders for me! you can also take it internally ( a few drops in a glass of water ) and that may help keep infections at bay. it's pricey, but worth it. at health food stores or on line

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    You can try a neddi pot. You can find them in the drug store. It's a saline wash. Very good for cleaning out the sinuses. Give it a try.

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    Mint tea or steamed brandy always worked for me

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