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can i take the hard drive from my lap top and add it to my desktop?

just want to add more memory and i dont use the lap top

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    Number 1, adding to your Hard Drive(s) does NOT increase you memory, it increases your storage capabilities....add RAM increases memory....

    and to answer you question fully...

    If you want to connect your laptop drive to your desktop there are a few ways to do it.

    Laptop drives are 2.5" as apposed to the desktops 3.5" so there a few ways to connect them.

    The easiest way would be to buy an external USB enclosure case that supports your specific drive.There are two types these days SATA and IDE (also know as PATA)

    Another way is to get an adapter that allows you to connect your laptop drive to a desktop computer internally by attaching it to the internal IDE or SATA cables.

    A device like this would work:

    Now you can attach your laptop hard drive to your desktop as extra storage.

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    Yes you can all you need is and adaptor available at most computer stores and a Micro PATA or SATA cable if you don’t already have a power adaptor and cable. chances are you already have them.

    adaptor for 2 1/2 inch drive Or you can find out if you really need more memory for your laptop hard drive space and Memory are 2 different things.

    The Hard Drive Is What You store all your music pictures etc: on.

    The Memory is in most cases module/s that randomly access the data you ask for from your system.

    Memory modules from Laptops Will not work in most known Desktop Systems.

    There is a much more complex way of explaining this but I have explained it only as you need to know. I don’t want to geek you out.

    I will give you some links below that will show you what a laptop IE:SODIMM Memory

    And desktop IE: DDR SD Memory look like.

    Also links of the 2 different hard drives

    first a desktop standard Hard Drive


    A Laptop standard Hard Drive. first work out if you need more hard drive/Disk space or more ram/module/s.

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    Answer 1 knows stuff, I'd listen to him.

    Answer number 2 is not accurate very much. If a hard drive is SATA or IDE, whether it is a tiny laptop hard drive or a bigger standard PC hard drive, it will work internally in a computer. You can get an adapter mounting kit to make your tiny hard drive fit in the desktop.

    Be aware that you may want to ensure that your files are not locked on the laptop hard drive before you go installing, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to recover the files once you've taken it out of your original computer.

    Source(s): Garret's explanation of memory and hard disk are great for those people who understand comptuers, but for the layman, here is a way to look at it. hard drive is the same thing as your file cabinet, or drawer. It is where you store things when you are not using them. memory is your desktop or your kitchen counter, where you are actually using the files. Once you close the file it is put back away into the hard drive.
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    No...maybe if it is a Serial Hard Drive otherwise it is probably too small. You can get an external USB drive adapter that can fit your laptop drive and use the storage through a USB port.

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