a step parenting sub category?

I am just wondering how many people think that Y!A users would benefit from a sub category devoted to step parenting in the pregnancy/parenting category? A place where parents could get help dealing with step children or children could get help dealing with step parents. As a step parent there are many times that I could have used the advice of other step parents or even the input of step children. I would like to make a suggestion to Y!A but thought I would get some feedback first


I understand that they already have a "parenting" section but "parents" and "step parents" are two totally different ilks! There are many many issues that step parents deal with every day that biological parents would never even think of or know how to provide advice on. Too many times have I read answers by biological parents to questions by step parents where a person who has never been a step or dealt with a step gives an answer of " they are not your child so you have no right to be involved" or something to that effect. Well every one who has ever been in a step situation knows that a stepparent loves their stepchild as their own, treats them as their own and deserves the same respect as the bio parents. So honestly a section devoted to step parents would attract step parents who have experience dealing with very different issues!

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    Very much so! It’s still parenting, yes, but it’s totally different from parenting of your own biological children. Unless you have custody, it’s not as messy. But if you’re the actual “step-parent” in regards to being noncustodial, it’d be nice to have others who can relate.

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    For the most part it sounds like a good idea to me. The only drawback I see is that you probably won't get as many answers to your questions. And this group may loose a few good answerers if they start spending their time in the step parent place. Then again - like you said. Here you get a lot of irrelevant answers.

    I hope none of the step parenting answers I have given are too irrelevant. I am not a step parent, but my child has/had (going through divorce) a step parent and I know how I feel about several issues on the topic. Also, my boyfriend is about like a step parent to my daughter. We often talk about how he feels about the fatherly role he plays in her life.

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    I'm not a step parent but I am in a blended family. I think a Step Parent side is a good idea.

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    I think that that is a great idea because I kno how hard it is for a step-parent to be apart of a child's life thats not theirs. It would be very helpful and useful.

    Source(s): Has lived with mother and step father for 15 years and my real father and a step-mother for 3 years
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  • I think it would be benificial to step parents, parents who haven't been in that situation doesn't really know how it feels to be a step parent. I was a step child so I feel like I know how it feels to be a step child where a child in a normal home doesn't know how it feels.

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    I think you are right. I would have no idea how the dynamics of step verse kid works. I did have a step mom for a little while but she was better then my mom. And I didn't live with her for long.

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    They may as well also do; single parenting, gay and lesbian parenting, all natural parenting, etc.

    Not saying it's not a great idea, just saying there's too many other sub catagories they'd have to add

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    Yes, I would love it,we have a his mine and soon to be ours family, and we both have step parents, so definitely would help me out!

  • Lydia
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    I think it's a good idea, but good trying to get them to change anything.

    Some of us have been trying to get them to separate "Marriage and Divorce" for a similar reason.

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    that is a great idea. i have a step mother and a step father. so yes that is a great idea.

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