Many European cities do not have many tall, office skyscrapers. Where do people work?

For example, only recently did London construct their Docklands central business district and Paris their La Defense central business district. Before these, and in current European cities without many skyscrapers, where did/do people work? Surely the offices aren't all in old buildings under 20 floors in height?

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    They work in places that usually have a central business district even though that's outside of the core of the city. Many of them are now building skyscrapers. If not, they're constructing office buildings that are similar. Further, many people had retail businesses in the first floor of residential buildings where they lived. They still practice that today.

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    In Southern Switzerland, most offices are in buildings that have the first level or two of businesses, and then residential flats up above. There are some exceptions closer to the centre of town, but my building has a Piano Terra with a pharmacy, a bike shop, clothing store, you name it, then the first and second floor are two businesses, the other building in the complex has a physical therapist on the first level. From 4-6th floors it's apartments.

    A lot of the buildings here are that way, so that's where people work.

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