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US immigration through Dublin and Shannon airports?

I know that Dublin and Shannon offer the facilities to be pre-cleared on flights to the US, but I wonder if they offer ALL the services? My impression was that they can clear people for 90-day visitor visas -- but can they also clear you if you are planning on immigrating to the US? (yes, I know you need to get a visa to immigrate: we have the sealed packet of information, the CD with xrays, and the visa in the passport...)

Many thanks!

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    FYI, last time I was there it only precleared people going to JFK airport. Not other US airports. Perhaps that has changed though.

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  • hague
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    3 years ago

    You basically struggle by way of US immigration and Customs in the previous boarding your flight to the U. S.. this way you do not have spend time dealing with customs and immigration as quickly as you attain the U. S.. Please observe that now and lower back the U. S. Customs and Border secure practices could nonetheless look at some flights at their discretion upon arrival in the U. S.. The preclearance facility at Shannon is merely obtainable on flights departing in the previous 4pm. Flights departing after 4pm would be project to finished inspection in the U. S..

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