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is it legal to print a picture from google images, etc. frame the picture and sell it?

is this copyright infringement or whatever you call it? or are those public pictures that anyone may do what they want with?

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    Knightro had the most correct answer. Google is a just search engine and does not own the copyright to the pictures...unless you get the images specifically from a Google application, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Street View, etc.

    However, all the images that you find on the internet belong to the website where you find them, and they are copyrighted. So if you try to print a picture and sell it, then YES, that is definitely copyright infringement. So for example, let's just say you do a search on Google for a website on "turtles." You find a picture of a sea turtle that you really like, and so you decide to print it and try to sell it. That would be copyright infringement. The picture does NOT belong to Google...but it does belong to whoever made the website about turtles. (Actually, it belongs to the person who took the PICTURE of the turtle). I hope that makes sense.

    The only time where you can legally publish or re-distribute a picture is if the photographer specifically says that the picture is in the "public domain." For example, some pictures on Wikipedia are in the public domain.

    I should also clear up a myth and misconception some people have about image copyrights. Some people will try to claim that you can't save a picture from the internet onto a computer, and they say that is "copyright infringement." That is NOT true at all. You CAN save an image from the internet for your own PERSONAL USE. In fact, your computer has to download the image files first in order for a web page to even be displayed. (ALL image files are saved to the "Tempoary Internet Files" folder, even pictures where the right mouse button has been disabled.) So by the mere fact of viewing a website, you HAVE already saved a copy. Try it...right click on the shortcut icon for Internet Explorer, and go to "Properties." Then go to "Settings" and then "View Files." You'll see a bunch of files, including .JPG image files. Those are all the pictures on websites you have viewed recently. And yes, you can copy those files to wherever you want on your computer. They're already on the hard drive.

    What would be copyright infringement is if you tried to publish the picture without the owner's permission. Printing and selling copies of it, uploading the pictures to another website, etc.

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    You need to check what license the picture is under, and if unspecified, it is safer to assume that it is copyright.

    Strictly speaking, it may not be ok even if you are not selling it but just printing for your own display, but then who would know?

    In the "Creative Commons" style of licenses:

    Noncommercial would prohibit selling, though not personal use or even giving away

    Attribution - depending on how that attribution is specified, it may be awkward

    No derivatives - Printing and framing would not create a derivative, so long as you are only cropping a little to fit the frame, and doing only minor corrections for print quality.

    NB. The Creative Commons license does not preclude dual licensing, so if you want to use a CC licensed work in a way not covered by those terms, contact the author for other terms.

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    It is illegal. The second that photographer presses that shutter button, that photo belongs to him/her. There's certain circumstances where the copyright of a photo gets released to someone other than the photographer, but the images on Google and Flickr and Picasa etc are not one of these circumstances. I would highly recommend NOT printing, editing, manipulating, selling, or posting online ANY image that you did not take yourself. Laws are in the works as we speak to make copyright infringement a very serious offense punishable by jail time.

    What you're doing is the photographic equivalent of downloading songs for free!

    And don't listen to 99% who obviously has no idea what they're talking about.

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    NO! Trying to do this with ANY image you find on the web is illegal, unless you have signed up for a free stock image site, and even then you CANNOT just print, frame and sell it. Stock images are not for resale "as is" they are for use in other projects. This would be exactly the same as cutting pictures out of a book, framing them and selling them, or scanning images from a magazine, then printing them, framing them and selling them. THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY, you CANNOT sell them, you do not own the copyright and therefore do not have the rights to sell them.

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    It depends on what site you got it from if it is copyrighted. Google Images is just a search engine for pictures on the web. You would have to contact the website where you got the picture from since you really didn't get it from Google Images.

    More than likely that picture is copyrighted.

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    YES it's copyright infringement..!!

    To USE the picture in something you are doing, and give THEM the credit for it is one thing, and legal... but to make $$ from other peoples work is ethically, morally wrong as well as illegal ..

    However, people at all times and places have never let this bother them and many today don't give a damn about other peoples work and take it for their own from many sites. Many 'kids' have little in the way of ethic's or morals in things like this and find it easier to copy or steal others work than going out and doing it them selves.

    Go ahead, take it and use it.. I hope you and mommy get sued up the a$$ for it all.... !

    If you don't want the truth, don't ask..!

    Bob - Tucson

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    No! You cannot sell someone else's work! Just because they are on the internet, doesn't mean it's a free for all.

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    It is copyright infringement and you cannot legally do this.

    Assume that ALL pictures etc. posted on the internet are copyright protected.

    99% - great - nick some of mine then and see just how legal it is and how much it will cost you.

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