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What are the most powerful countries in the Muslim World?

Please don't put in countries with a big military but a poor economy on top. I've seen many poor but militarily-powerful countries placed on top. It should be the most powerful country, overall.

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    Haha, this won't be the first time I have to answer a question like this. I'll give you the top 5.

    1. Indonesia

    Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world and even their population is fourth largest. They are a regional power in Southeast Asia and has the 14th biggest army. They might have a pretty low GDP per capita, but their GDP PPP is the fifteenth biggest in the world.

    2. Iran

    Iran is powerful because of its large Muslim population and their technology. They have many oil reserves and they are also very technologically powerful. They also have a huge army. If all their active troops, reserve troops, etc. are combined, they will have the biggest army in the world. Their GDP PPP is among the top 20 in the world.

    3. Turkey

    Turkey is a member of NATO. It is very rich in culture and has a strong economy. Their economy is only second to Indonesia's economy in the Muslim World. They have one of the biggest armies in the world, ranking themselves in the top 10.

    4. Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest countries in the Muslim World. They are very well respected and have the support of nearly all the countries in the Middle East. They either have the second or first biggest oil reserves and because of their oil, they have a high GDP PPP.

    5. Pakistan

    Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population. Their population even ranks sixth if compared to the whole world. Because of their huge aid from the United States, they have the seventh largest army in the world. They have a low GDP per capita, but nevertheless they manage to rank 26th in the world. Pakistan is also the only country in the Muslim World to possess nuclear weapons.

    Hope this helped.

    Source(s): The CIA World Factbook
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    Its the two Pakistan, because it has nukes and western weapons or Iran because it has the international's best military, even larger than that of China. yet interior the international section the two are incredibly vulnerable. Pakistan would be over in under 24 hours interior the form of a finished-scale conflict with India and comparable is the case of Iran with Israel. u . s . a ., Russia, uk, France etc. are way too useful.

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    Saudi Arabia - they have the worlds largest oil reserves.

    The UAE - centre of business and growth, especially Dubai.

    Pakistan - probably the only predominantly Muslim country with nuclear weapons.

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    I would say Iran or Saudi Arabia. They have lots of oil money funding their economy. I would say their military is a joke but the have money.

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    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    Right now:

    1.Isreal -we are there allie

    2.Saudi Arabia- we are kind of friends we want there oil

    3.Iran- working on an unstable relationship they maybe on the verge of getting nuclear weapons.

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