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putting fake eyelashes under eyelash line?

Ok girls, u know how when u put on fake eyelashes, you put them just above ur eyelashes? well i was wondering, since my eyelashes are rather short and uncurlable, its rather noticable if i put on fake eyelashes the normal way. so i was wondering if it was possible to put the fake eyelashes (i'm talking about the whole ones, that goes from 1 corner of ur eye to the other) just under your eyelash line. so your real eyelashes just kind of sits on top of them. i dunno if it'll work or not. so thats y i'm asking u :S


like i said, they dont sit properly with my real lashes. cuz their all long and curly and mine r just short little straight things so if i put the fake eyelashes on, it looks really really really obvious. cuz i hav my short eyelashes sticking out at the bottom and the fake ones just kinda floating there curling upwards.... trust me ... it doesnt work for me....

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    what the hell?

    noooo baby, wont work.

    i suggest you trim the inside corner of each fake lash so its easier to apply and look ohhh so natural;) you might be hesitant, but just give it a go!

    Then, get GOOD glue (i use "Deo"..the absolute best i reckon).

    Are you curling your natural lashes after the fake ones are on?? Because i dont believe your lashes would be Uncurlable...

    If those actually dont work then get an eyelash heater.

    Its like a special curler that has a warm heater to make your lashes curl, and the heat will help the lashes merge together to the fake.

    Then putting on mascara will also help them stick:)

    If you STILLLLLLL find your natural lashes arnt together, which i doubt would happen, all i can suggest is that you get shorter lash lengths unfortunatley:(

    But get short, thick ones to give you lots of volume..they will still be eye catching!

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    Under Eyelashes

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    1) It depends how natural looking they are..I think it's more time- and money-wise to buy a really good mascara than using false eyelashes everyday. 2) Once you've line the false eyelash lashline with the glue, pull you eyelid taut (gently :P) and press the corner of the false eyelashes with the shortest lashes into the corner or your eye. Follow your natural lashlineand press the lashes on with tweezers. Don't buy incredibly cheap ones, because they tend not to stay on for long. When you have put both false eyelashes on, put a clear coat of mascara on over them. It will help them stick to your lashline. 3) They look great if applied correctly, and look amazing at parties. Also, you don't have to worry about your mascara coming off if you're wearing them. : ]

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    you can do that if you want out make sure you get naturally looking eyelashes for the bottom.

    i wouldn't suggest the strip lashes only cuz it will probably look funny.

    i would go with the individual lashes meaning there lashes but you would have to put them on 1 by 1.

    if you never put individual lashes it may be difficult for some i could imagine the bottoms it will probably be harder..

    hope this helped


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  • No, you shouldn't do that, instead opt for eyelash singles which you glue indivually and look more natural or something called "3D Lash Inserts" which last for around 5 weeks and any good beauty salon will offer them, for around £40-£50

    They look very natural and are very practical and you can wear mascarra on them. In basic they are hair extensions for your lashes

    Source(s): My aunt is a beautician and i regularly get the inserts
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    dont do that you'll hurt ur eyes , just cut the fake eyelashes to be the length of ur eyelashes so u get volume and they would look better

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    You have to glue them so it would prob hurt your eyes.

    Try smaller fake lashes.

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