How To Stop Automated Calls in the UK?

Today i have had about the 20th call from an automated robot asking me if i wanted to cancel all my debts. Its annoying and i always connect to an operator to ask them to remove my number from their calling list, but it seems ineffective, does anyone know of any action i can take.


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    1 decade ago
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    there are two lines of attack

    1. Telephone Preference Service - use your search engine or search option on your phone providers web site.

    2. Nuisance - find your phone providers web site eg and enter nuisance in a search box.

    It will reduce the number of unwanted calls but will not eliminate them.

    Some broadband providers also include voip in their package and a side benefit is caller display and call logging. You can then choose to answer only those calls that provide a proper call back number.

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