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What shaft for my Nike SUMO Square 5900 driver for lower trajectory?

I want a lower trajectory and more distance Im currently hitting this like a 7 wood! Its a 9.5 with the standard diamara shaft and I think this has a low kick?

I have heard I need a mid kick point, lower torque to get it to fly lower...also maybe a longer shaft for more distance?

Anybody help please?

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    You seem to have done your homework. However don't guess about your shaft go to a pro and find out exactly what you do have. My first thought is that you want a low kick with a stiffer flex shaft. It sounds like you have to much whip, ergo the head isn't making the preferred contact. The pro shop at the range should be able to test your speed, give you the best advise if your shaft is wrong. Its even possible a lesson could be in order to make sure your not coming over the top.

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    You are definitely on the right track by trying to get your ball flight down with your shaft and not your loft. I don't know what kind of golfer you are, but 9.5 is about as low a loft as most of us can really handle.

    As far as your trajectory is concerned, height is a good thing! Bigger, lighter clubheads (like the Sumo) don't naturally spin the ball as much as the older stainless heads, so you will get less roll from your average drive. You need more carry. To get the most carry, you actually want the highest ball flight you can achieve without the ball "floating" on you and dropping straight down (which is caused the backspin you get from an improperly fitted shaft).

    Having said all of that, if you really are getting the ball up too much and losing yardage to spin, then you may need a higher kickpoint in your shaft. The Aldila NV 65 is great for this. There are others from Fujikura and Matrix that are good, too, but a little pricey.

    Bottom line, though, the first guy was right: don't guess about shafts. Get a fitting from a decent range pro or clubfitter -- they can tell you in 10 minutes what you need.

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    anything with a stiff butt and a high kickpoint. a heavier shaft would help too.

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