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Why such hatred for Stephanie Meyer?

When a writer brings interest back into reading she needs to be applauded not condemmed. Today fewer and fewer young people read novels and so when a new writer comes on the scene and grabs the attention of so many readers, I can only say FABULOUS!!! She is doing for this generation of YA what Tolkien probably did for me when I was growing up and Roald Dahl did for my kids and J.K. Rowling has done for this generation too.

Yes, she is a weak writer and perhaps the editing is quite shabby too, as there are glaring grammatical errors, but hopefully, Meyer will grow and write better fiction as time goes by. Perhaps she should up her game and develop some sophistication. I have read all the TWILIGHT books and must say, I had quite a chuckle. Here I am at 60 and enjoying the teenage anxieties and all the nonsense that goes on when one is young and lives in the NOW that only that age group can do ( I would hate to be that young again!). And for that I commend Meyer. She is able to get into that frame of thinking fairly naturally.

But what interests me more is that she has influenced many YA to read Jane Austen, or watch the 1966 Zefferelli's ROMEO AND JULIET and delve into the dark nature of Heathcliff. I have seen it happen with my Grade 10s and 11s. A few years back, I would never have been able to convince them that Jane Austen is worth reading! Now I simply say that Meyer thinks Austen is great and they smile and agree!

Will she withstand the test of time? I don't think so, but for as long as she does get kids to read and ENJOY reading, I say, keep it up, Stephanie. The world thirsts for more!

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    No, she hasn't done something good; she's taught girls that emotional abuse is romantic and that looks are more important than anything else. I'd take a generation who didn't read over a generation who held such shallow, dangerous ideals any day.

    No, she won't get better, since she can't accept constructive criticism.

    No, when you read the Twilight series, you *weren't* reading about the "teenage anxieties and nonsense that goes on when one is young" since Meyer did an absolutely *appalling* job of capturing an average seventeen-year-old girl, or *any* seventeen-year-old girl.

    And no, she hasn't influenced people to discover actual decent literature, because the people who didn't read until Meyer's fantasy about sparkly Mary Sues came out now refuse to read anything else. If you're right that people now simply "smile and agree" just because the Goddess Meyer made a claim, how *terrifying* is that, when she's also made claims like "...stalking doesn't scare me. I've never stalked anyone (yet), but I think I would be AWESOME at it." No, really, that's a direct quote. I am horrified that someone so thoughtless, immature and apparently borderline psychotic has such a strong influence on impressionable girls.

  • I believe that Stephenie Meyer has many reasons for haters, First off, it is her lack of vocabulary for her age. I have better vocab and I'm 11! She also took everything from another book (that was published before Twilight was) and just put it out in her own name.

    Another reason is that everything revolves around Edward. There is no other theme or plot whatsoever. Edward is mentioned on almost every page.

    And Bella isn't afraid of anything. She doesn't have any fears except losing Edward. It's so irresponsible to not care if someone stares at you as you sleep.

    The last and my main reason, it isn't a credible plot!! Edward is a perfect vampire, everything goes his way and he doesn't have a single big problem. Then, nobody on the 'good side' dies in the saga. In Harry Potter, hundreds of good people die.

    Do you understand what I'm saying?

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    simply put it she IS a weak writer,

    Here idea is good, but the 2nd was over way to long, it could have been sum up into a few more chapters.

    and the fact that there are better books out there who do not get as much attention as her books does. I not do hate her, I just hate how everyone is focusing their attention on the book only because it was turned into a movie, same thing happen to lord of the rings and harry potter, and even Eragon.

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    Who is Stephanie Meyer?

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    Why hate for Stephanie Meyer?

    Because of the pure, foul injustice of it all.

    The injustice that a frankly terrible, untalented writer with an appalling grasp of grammar and nearly no idea on how to write a novel, gets hailed as one of modern teen literature's assets, whilst unknown writers with barrelfulls of more talent get kicked into the dust by idiotic publishers.

    And there you have it.

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    I, too, enjoy the twilight saga. The people who did not like the story line, try to find some excuse for why it is a "bad book" so, they find mistakes and make them bigger than they really are. Part of the reason is that some fans of the book are crazy about it. I mean, just look at the names, "Twilightluver!!!" "Team_EDWARD" and there are lots others. So, people who don't like the book get mad and try to persuade others that it is a bad book so that people will stop freaking out over it.

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    i totally agree why discourage writers that encourage young adults to enjoy reading and she also getting people to enjoy Shakespeare Austen and many other great people of Literature she should be encouraged not condemned i have heard some people openly insult her calling her a fat whore and the like here is the solution if you don't like her writing or the twilight movie don't read the book or watch it! as for her being a weak writer she is new to it so she can only improve as she writes more novels. I have been around young adults who are in year ten or twelve here in australia( 16-17 year olds) and it is great to see their interest in reading be sparked by books like this some are even turning to read classics like Wuthering Heights or even Dracula by Bram Stoker !

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    Seems to be a lot of hatred. Seems to fall into two categories.

    Part of it is for her writing / writing style / editing...

    Part of it seems to be a hatred of the "Twihards" and the extreme lovers of the series, the "I love Robert Pattinson soooo much" or "Team Edward / Jacob" stuff.

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    Most people hate her for bringing the worst vampire story in the history of mankind into this world. Also for bringing the most horrible excuse for characters along with this book.

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    I found the Twilight series completely not for my taste - but I read the whole thing before making a review of it: my sign of respect to the author.

    However, people tend to hate things that the majority loves - a non conformist. They feel so seperated from the pack and feel so individual, special even.

    There are also some who are truly jealous of her fanbase.

    There are also those who just hate it when people forget what they "used" to like.

    But no matter what the reason is, it is completely irrational to hate the author. Her atrocious writing (I say it was not very good but not that horrible) did not blind anyone

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