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點解d相發白, 顏色淡, 粗糙呢

我用既DC係OLYMUS 1050SW, 係户外影相時(有陽光但唔曬), D相會發白, 顏色淡, 粗糙, 有人話係ISO既問題, 我唔係好識影相既野, 請問有邊位知道點解呢? (我係用防手震個MODE)


部DC買左2,3個月, 我諗唔係壞, 應該係D setting既問題. 我唔係香港架, 多謝你地既幫手

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    if your camera have not problems,

    below may be cuased the 發白, 顏色淡, 粗糙........

    your photos is seems over exp ....

    if your camera meter is working normal ...

    Please check check , did you exp +/- EV setting (暴光補償)

    has been uncarefully to set + some EV on the setting ?

    it should be at 0 ( middle ) in normal case .....

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