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    How to Wrap Text Around the Picture in Word

    Method 1

    1. Open a new document. If you just want to play with this feature, type =rand(2,5). This function creates 2 paragraphs of 5 lines of random text.

    2. Place your cursor where you wish insert your picture.

    3. From the Insert menu, select Picture and then From File…

    4. Choose the picture you wish to insert.

    5. Right click the picture and select Show Picture Toolbar.

    6. Click the Text Wrapping button.

    7. Select Square.

    You should see your text wrap around your picture. You can drag the picture to reposition and the text will reflow.

    If you don’t see your text wrap around your image, your picture may be too big. Try resizing the picture so it’s small enough that text could wrap around it. You can do this by clicking the picture and dragging the lower right corner towards the top left.


    Method 2

    1. Select the inserted picture.

    2. Click Format, select Picture.

    3. In the Format Picture dialog box, select the Layout tab.

    4. Select the desired Wrapping Style.

    5. Select the desired Horizontal alignment.

    6. Click Advanced if more options are needed. Here you can set Picture Position and Text Wrapping properties.

    7. Click OK.





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