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求以下名言的英文原文 或是提供有關管理的名言 需要中英文感謝















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    (1) 泰勒:科學管理不容許一隻會唱歌的鳥不唱歌。

    Frederick Winslow Taylor: "Scientific Management has no place for a bird that can sing, and won't sing,"


    Chester I Barnard: The fine art of executive decision consists in not deciding questions that are not now pertinent, in not deciding prematurely, in not making decisions that cannot be made effective, and in not making decisions that others should make.

    (4) 羅里斯伯格-「如果你要人有幹勁﹐所給的工作就要適宜。」

    Herzberg: If You Want People To Do A Good Job, Give Them A Good Job To Do


    Abraham Maslow: If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.

    (9) 戴明-全面品質管理就是「持續不斷的改善」。

    W. Edward Deming: Total Quality Management (TQM) is systematic problem solving for continuous improvement.

    ** I don’t know if this was what he said or just some people phrasing his theory.

    (11) 錢德勒-結構跟隨策略的變動而變。

    Alfred Du Pont Chandler : Structure follows strategy.

    (12) 史隆-純粹的中央集權和純粹的分權制度之間,取得快樂的中庸之道。

    Alfred Sloan: to have a happy medium between the extremes of pure centralization and pure decentralization.


    Peter F Drucker:

    The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.

    (14) 甘迺迪-「唯一確定的事就是不確定;唯一不變的事就是改變」。=> not spoken by 杜拉克.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

    There is nothing more certain and unchanging than uncertainty and change.

    傅雷特, 梅育, 麥納馬拉, 麥克雷格, 西蒙-不知道原文. I will let you know if I locate them.

    Source(s): Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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