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Natural fleas, ticks or worms repellant for cats!?


I have three cats and lately, I've read about the high toxicity of fleas and ticks repellants and worms treatments.

I would like to know if you had any success with natural repellant and treatment for cats, and if so, what do you use?

Some people talk about adding garlic or apple cider vinegar to the food or water of the cats, but some don't suggest it.

I really need your advices and experiences, thank you so much!

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    Vet prescribed wormers and flea treatments are safe - many (or most) of the over the counter ones are not. "Natural" does not necessarily equate to safe, especially where cats are concerned. One natural flea remedy (and it's in many of the over the counter products) is pyrethrins. Safe for dogs, but it causes seizures and death in cats. Totally natural - totally unsafe. Garlic and vinegar don't really work - the amount of garlic that you'd need to add to the cat's food puts it at risk for anemia.

    The products your vet sells (Advantage, Revolution, and the worming meds) have a very good track record. Yes, some animals do have adverse reactions to them, but they are really in the minority. Fleas and worms are very harmful to your cats, and will certainly put them at more risk than using proper, vet prescribed flea and worming medications.

    Source(s): Many years of cat rescue
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    NO!!! adding garlic or apple cider may be natural but if done wrong, it could mess up your cat's digestive system. I suggest take it to a vet to get de-worming pills and also apply advantage monthly. Those work great and no side effects. The de-worming pills are just kinda hard to apply because usally the vet would shove it inside the cat's mouth, but it really does completly work 100%. Or if you wanna save the money to do so, you can buy pill pockets treats for cats and dogs, and you just put the pill inside the treat and it really does the treat. They eat it! How cute.

    Source(s): Animal Shelter Volunteer
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  • 1 decade ago

    Fleas and lice hate mint (i'm not sure about ticks though). Anything non-toxic with a mint flavour and odor that you can rub into your cat's fur will keep the fleas away anyway. I wash my dog in a mint shampoo every month, it works perfect... and it's far cheaper than those pills.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cat treatments are great. I understand not wanting to poison your cats, but as long as you don't double their dosage, they'll be fine.

    There is NOTHING that works as well as the vet-treatments.

    Source(s): I live in GA. Lots of fleas and lots of ticks.
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  • Jorjor
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    1 decade ago

    Here ya go. all natural flea powder from only natural pet store.

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