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Does anyone know about or have blood clots in legs (thrombosis)?

I think that I may have this. Symptoms warm, tingling, leg cramps, pain in legs. I have been elevating my legs this seems to help. Spoke with a doctor they want to run standard test blood, etc and wait and see 2 weeks. I am having leg and lumbar x-rays because they suspect lower back problems as the culprit but I have a suspicion or hunch. I hope I am wrong. I hate to self diagnose but my quack doctors leave me no choice.

Do you have it, what where your symptoms? What did doctors do or tell you ? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your responses.



I do have back problems discs L4/L5 out alignment but I have never had this kind of pain. But, my back isn't hurting.

My Risk factors:

-Prolonged sitting and standing 10-12 hrs

-Use of Depo Provera (over 2 yrs not recommended) Hormonal HRT drug which may also be causing leg pain side effects

-elevated blood pressure levels not blood sugar. Family history of blood clots and strokes.

-tick bite within last 4 years

-recent childbirth

Update 2:

blood pressure went from sys 123, diag 086, pulse 090 to----> sys 140 + 096 diag

within 1 weeks time

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    Ok my friend I had the same problem.

    I had to quit track and it ruined my running season. It happened 6-7 months ago and it sucked. I believe in you don't worry it won't last forever.

    The symptons included the swelling of my right leg. It started to hurt when I ran. The color in my skin changed to a darker red. My leg felt stiff and every time I got up my leg started hurting becouse all the blood was flowing down my leg.

    Try to get a CAT scan with an ejection of dye. This helps them find them find if there is truly a clot or not. Get updated as much as possible you might be able to dissolve the clot without going through surgery. I had to go through surgery becouse I was young (17) but most adults get their clots dissolved by medicine.

    The best thing to do right now is to keep pressure off leg by using crutches. Also when your sleeping you should keep pressure off that foot as well. Also drink as much water as possible this will keep your blood thinner. After being in the hospital for 2 or more weeks they gave me the medicine Lovenox which is a blood thinner. They might give you however Coumadin which is a less extreme kind of blood thinner. I had what they called a scandinavian gene which gave white males like me subseptical to clots.

    Since your family had a history of blood clots then there is a chace you might get one as well. My fathers mother had a lot of discharges when trying to give birth. This was prob caused by this scandinavian gene.

    If you want to talk to me go to my facebook page.

    Just type in Tom Lipscomb in the search and put Clarke County High in the group. I will try to tell you more about blood clots and try to help you through this experience if you have one. I hope you don't!!

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    i understand frustration with your doctors, but your 'hunch' is less reliable than their tests. your symptoms, while they coincide with thrombosis, also coincide with pinched nerves (that's probably the lower back thing they are testing) and about five other things i can think of. we always seem to 'just know' what the problem is, but there are so very many conditions that it's impossible to tell. and it may take the doctors a while to figure everything out. i spent five years being told i had growing pains, two years being told it was allergies and anaphylaxis, and finally, after 7 long years, we learn it's a mostly-benign chronic connective tissue disease :) life is just tricky sometimes.

    and remember, you can ALWAYS get a second opinion if it still doesn't feel right or you don't get any relief. i spent six months not eating alot of very tasty things when i was pretty sure that wasn't the problem. don't be dumb like me :)

    oh, and just to be extra safe don't fly anywhere or sit for very long periods of time!

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    In truly time, it takes a couple of seconds. When my pal had one - we did not realize - he saved pronouncing he would suppose anything arising his ribs and wriggling below his arm at the same time he was once riding! it seems they have been bits of clot breaking off and going to his lungs. I do not understand how we survived that vacation....

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    well if it is really bleeding than you do have a disease but if you tell a doctor he should give you a prescription for some antibiotics

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    My grandma had one. She went to the E.R.

    You should too.

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