What is the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower?

My soon to be sister in law has invited me to her bridal shower. I am wondering what to expect...

I am under the impression that a bachelorette party is a hardy party with liquor, male dancers, and loud music. While a bridal shower is much more refined with soft music, pleasant conversation, and maybe some lady-like activities such as painting pottery. My soon to be sis in law is more of a lady-like gal versus booze and naked men.

Anyhoo...what are the differences? Do people do both? When I got married it was all very simple. My gals got together, painted pottery and got drunk. (What can I say, I'm a little bit of both.) But my sis in law is doing everything very formal.


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Morgan Hill.... Awesome! I have a friend that lives there, though now she is in Chico for school.

You guys haven't painted pottery??? Then you haven't lived! :) Check out http://petroglyphceramiclounge.blogspot.com/

It is soooo much fun!!!

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Hey A's Momma....

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    Yeah, it's basically what you think. Bachelorette is to celebrate the last days of "Freedom" and a Bridal Shower is to shower the Bride with gifts she'll need for her new stage in life.

    Yes, some people do both. I just did one- a shower. I'm not big into getting drunk. heh.

    PS. Are you from San Jose, CA or Mexico?

    I'm from Morgan Hill!

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    Yes there is, a bridal shower is usually a time when all the brides friends and family get together to celebrate the bride and groom and usually involves gifts.It happens about a week before the wedding. A bachelorette party is usually two separate parties, one for the groom and one for the bride. It is usually on the last night before the wedding and you do all sorts of fun things. You usually say bye to being single and go out dance, party, drink (responsibly of course lol). I guess you can do both on the same day and then towards the end of the night go out and celebrate separately with your friends to start the bachelorette party. Although some people prefer to pass the last night celebrating together. It depends on your own likes. If I were you just pick whatever you would like to do, it's your party and you can cry if you want to lol. Have fun and congrats!!!

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    A bachelorette party is that,one last hurrah with drinking,strippers,dirty jokes,music ect...married women telling stories and laughing your *** off.Bridal shower is a party for the bride to be and if you wish the groom also.Here is where the food is good the cock-tails are excellant.You get sexy girlie wear for that so called "special night",gag gifts,also at this time gifts to set up housekeeping.Painting pottery?I guess one had to be there!!!LOL!

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    Bachelor Parties are at night. They usually involve a lot of drinking, getting wild, partying all night long, strippers, night clubs, and a lot of screaming women.

    Bridal Showers are usually around noon or early afternoon. It is classy and calm (something you can invite your grandmother to). People bring gifts and you open them infront of your audience. You can play bridal shower games.

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    sounds like you understand pretty much...i dont know about any pottery painting but we played games

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