If a JW's Watchtower tells them not to study their Bibles independently in groups without the JW study aids,?

how do they justify doing so against the written wishes of the Organization to which they gave their allegiance at baptism?


“Does ‘the faithful and discreet slave’ [Watchtower organization] endorse independent groups of Witnesses who meet together to engage in Scriptural research or debate?—Matt. 24:45, 47. No, it does not. And yet, in various parts of the world, a few associates of our organization have formed groups to do independent research on Bible-related subjects.

Update 2:

Some have pursued an independent group study of Biblical Hebrew and Greek so as to analyze the accuracy of the New World Translation. …They have also held conferences and produced publications to present their findings and to supplement what is provided at our Christian meetings and through our literature. …Thus, ‘the faithful and discreet slave’ does not endorse any literature, meetings, or Web sites that are not produced or organized under its oversight… For those who wish to do extra Bible study and research, we recommend that they explore Insight on the Scriptures, ‘All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial,’ and our other publications….”—Kingdom Ministry, September 2007, p. 3

Update 3:

just quotin from your literature, JWs. do you not read it yourselves?

Update 4:

feel free to post the rest of the document if you feel it disproves my position.

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    There is no justification for it. JW's will totally deny that this is against Watchtower "rules". Years ago it would have been difficult to prove this because the watchtower would subtly put this in our minds without actually putting it in words, but the 07 KM, put it right there on the table and JW's can't deny it any longer.

    Honestly, JW's should be very eerie of what is written in this KM. The bible tells us to test what we are taught and to be like the bereans. The watchtower basically forbids any research outside of themselves. What kind of "test" can be performed like this.

    JW's really need to see how they are being manipulated by the Society. This subject really makes me sad.

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    As a former JW I can attest to the fact that JWs have conducted studies without the use of the WT 'bible aids'...HOWEVER...this is a method of study generally used when the 'bible study householder' is apprehensive. The person conducting the study is STILL indoctrinated with WT teachings due to THEIR own usage of the WT 'publications'. Once the bible study becomes indocrinated with WT teachings (via the twisting of scriptures)...bible aids are THEN introduced.

    The most notable issue here is the 'Govering Body' refering themselves as the 'faithful and discreet slave' as if they were sent directly from God and these people believe that and follow their every policy...if they don't they may be disfellowshipped. It's either their way or the highway. This is disturbing. So while JWs chose to sugar coat their usage of 'bible aids'...don't forget...JWs ARE very indoctrinated by the WT society and the average person should not be fooled into thinking they are learning about the bible alone.

    As far as studying as a GROUP of JWs without bible aids...it's a BIG no-no! If this happens too many questions may arise and soon there will be a group of what THEY consider 'apostates' because the WT doctrine is nothing but the ideas of a group of men.....the WBTS would NEVER permit it.

    Source(s): Grew up JW with an elder father who had MANY bible studies....that ended up fizzling out.
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    All these stories have inspired me too! I wish I could say that I am baptized, but I am working on that! Having grown up in the Bretheren Faith, (with hell, trinity, rapture) all jumbled up in there. As a child I asked my Pastor, What does Santa have to do with Jesus` birth, and What does the Easter Bunny have to do with his death? Looking back, he never did give me an answer, or it was something along the lines of, "It's a tradtion" which wasn't satisfying at all! But, I remeber distinctly the look in his eyes, and how he seemed perplexed that I had even asked such a thing! lol And like many others, the Trinity did not make ANY sense. It's like MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE! Is Jesus God's son? or is He God Himself? But the first and major awakening I had was later as a young adult, when I started a new job in an office. I had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with the first Jehovah's Witness I had ever met. All growing up, I was warned not to talk to JW's, as they were deemed a cult, etc.... When this lady eventually told me that Jehovah's name was in my KJV of the Bible, I was like, "Yeah, right" but then when I went home and looked up the 4 scriptures she told me to see, well, let's just say it was a jaw-dropping moment! lol I immediately thought to myself, if they (the church I attended all of those years) NEVER ONCE mentioned that God had a personal name, and that it just happened to be Jehovah, well then, what else had they lied about? And so, that was the beginning of my search for truth. I often thought, that now it made sense why I never really had a desire to go to Heaven. The idea of floating around up in the sky, when I loved the beautiful earth, just wasn't very motivating to my serving God. I've had the pleasure of meeting many faithful and true servants of Jehovah and Jesus, and look forward to meeting and spending an eternity with them.

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    I don't think that the asker is asking about a JW studying with a non JW and using maybe just a Bible translation other then the NWT. I think the question being asked is about a small group of JW's meeting together and studying separate from any of the approved meetings and doing research. Perhaps to get into the Hebrew and Greek languages of the original texts and compare them to the NWT.

    From what was quoted, if accurate, then it looks like this is forbidden.

    I would like to see more information on this.

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    It's a new Dark Ages come upon the Modern Age--Instead of a group of clergy controlling the entire Word of God and its interpretation a Publishing Group of Men based out New York is doing the controlling....okay, that would be funny if it weren't true.

    I pray that God will lead hundreds of thousands of JWs to read their Bibles without the Bible AIDS.

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    Desert Rose..says..(Why you don't complete the Paragraph??

    you hide the rest of the paragraph that complete the meaning of the sentences

    how convenient....I can take the bible and showing one part of the verse to show what I want.....)

    This is EXACTLY what you need to be asking the WTBTS, when they do have quotes from scholars or others that misrepresent what the person has actually said. Its dishonest the way they do. Have you ever, ever looked into the quotes that they print ? Its not hard to do..You should and you will see what I am talking about.

    The statements from the Sep. 2007, KM p. 3 should be an eye opener for you guys..Did God's people prior to the WT read and study the bible without aids..Of course they did. The Bible was not written for us to have to have aids to it. God's word is our Aid..it tells us everything we need to know .

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    JWs are not encourage to study or discuss the bible outside their religion circles. Yet, they go from door to door preaching but if you invite them to go to a open group with people from different religions to some sort of brainstorming ... they will refuse. JWs are trained to refuse any explanation of the bible that conflicts with what the Watchtower says ... no matter how weird Watchtower's explanation might be ... members will still defend it. For outsiders it may sound like brainwashing and ... it is. Once you leave that religion and start looking at things with a more critical mind, you realize how extreme things are among JWs. But answering your question ... they are not encourage to associate with people from other religions and discuss things of the bible, unless they are the ones teaching based upon what the Watchtower says. I think there are more religions like that ... Mormons ... but that is beyond the scope of your question. Take care!

    Source(s): Hard Knocks College - Arizona Campus
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    A group of JWs will not meet and study without the WT.

    The reason- They may see the real truth and become REAL TRUE CHRISTIANS! - And not fake ones as they are.

    When will these fools realise they are just sales reps for a magazine printing firm?

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    of course it doesn't endorse independent thinking and study. the name says it all "slave". as in do what your told when you're told and don't bother to think. thinking is not allowed. and for goodness sake do not ever bother to get an education in greek or hebrew language, otherwise you might figure out why the library of congress denied a copyright to the nwt version of the bible.

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    Because they are a cult.

    JWs are NOT christian and the organizational hierarchy doesn't want people reading the Bible on their own, without liturature from the Watch Tower to "explain things" to them, because they might discover the glaring inconsistancies between scripture and what the Watch Tower is telling them.

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