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How to be more mature?

I've beginning to realize that people don't really take me seriously, I like to have fun and am very curious about..well, everything, people seem to see this as extremely childish, and, therefore, treat me like a child. I can be mature, it's just I have to deal with so much serious crap at home that when I'm around friends the last thing I want to do is take on more of it.

..except then none of my friends take me seriously. Some of them even think they have the right to go through my stuff or take things from me, my more "mature" friends don't have to deal with this, and I think it's very disrespectful. I feel like I have to fight to get their attention sometimes.

So this is the deal, I'm going to act like it's me and not just them being jerks, do you guys have any tips for acting more mature? I turn 18 next month.

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    Good question..sometimes i wonder about that too. I think people can be mature in certain aspects of their lives while in others they are not so much.

    It's normal for you to wanting to be more mature, but it is also important to never loose the child within you, you know. That child that has the shine in the eyes and is enthusiastic about life. every little detail is a discovery and a motive to celebrate and devote our attention. It is important for your own satisfaction in life.

    To be more mature. you can act and speak calmly to your friends. Choosing the words carefully, showing knowledge about things, especially the news or economy. You can talk about difficult times you had or have. When they all laugh you can hold back and smile briefly...

    I wouldn't worry too much about acting mature, because life will teach you through experiences.

    Good luck for your future!

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    OMMFFGG I THOUYGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE im 15 and at school i act immiture but its because any hwere else im very serious and quiet and at school i just let it go around my friends and my friends steal my stuff and call me a baby and white girl and lame and its crazy i cant help you cause im going thru the same issue but i wanted you to know your not alone my sayi ng is im not a baby im just enjoying the last of my child hood or im not immature i just like to have fun unlike ur boring *** hehehe good luck

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    That`s a tough question, here`s my point of view:

    Whatever you do, don`t change! Maturity comes by itself (somewhat). Next time you see your friends or your family, have a conversation with them, be straightforward, set somes rules, explain to them how you want to be treated. Its not because you like to live and be yourself that people can treat you as if you were inferior to them. And after doing all that if they keep disrespecting you, you may want to evaluate your friends, to know who are your REAL friends.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): been there! done that!
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    wow... exactly like my life. and how i deal with it is i make CHILDISH into FUNNY

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    Be more serious?!? Ahahaha.

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