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NonRHH: Your top 5 video games and why?

1.) Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox, 2001)

The story line and the battles are where this game stand out. Ever since this game dropped back in 2001, it's had many other games try to imitate it's style.

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2.) Final Fantasy X (PS2, 2001)

Fantastic story line, amazing music, great battles, and a VERY long game. It takes around a week or two weeks to beat this game. Which is a good, because most games nowadays only take a day or two to beat.

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3.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2, 2004)

Just a straight up amazing game. The best game in the "sandbox" genre. (sandbox genre = open ended play, basically never ending)

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4.) Ape Escape (PS1, 1999)

This game revolutionized the way we play video games today. This is the first game ever to take advantage of the analog stick.

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5.) Def Jam: Fight For NY (PS2, 2004)

This game combined my love of violence and hip hop. And I loved it.

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Halo 3 is good, but if you don't have an online account for it, it can get boring fast. That's why I prefer the first one, it has a good single player mode that's fun even after you beat it a few times.

Update 2:

Lmao@Duke Nukem

Yo, that was the sh*t back in the day.

I had the one for PS1 though.

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    1. Gran theft auo san andreas:

    Run around the city, blow up the police, kill people!


    2. Halo 3:

    Good online, multiplayer love it!

    3. Gears of war 2:

    Chop heads

    And i kick butt!

    4. Street vol 2:

    Best basketball game!

    Lay ups!


    love it!

    5. Def jam fight for night:

    Play as your fav rappers beating the sh*t out of each other FUN!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. My first game.

    2. Super Smash Bros N64. Self Explanatory.

    3. Forza Motorsports 2. So life like, I love cars and I love racing.

    4. Madden 2005. Vick was a god, averaged 400 rushing yards per game.

    5. Halo 3, because I am currently kicking @ss in that game.

  • Janet
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    Deus Ex: It had a deep conspiracy-theory plot and fun fps/rpg gameplay (despite the retarded AI) System Shock 2: One of Levine's best games, it was fun (yet a bit infuriating at times due to it's strict point system) and had the greatest plot twisting gaming history. Deus Ex: Human Revolution: I have a Deus Ex bias, but this was really the only sequel that did the original justice, as Invisible War and The Fall are not considered by me as Deus Ex games. Bioshock: Immersive plot, great atmosphere, and the second greatest plot twist in video games. I also like zapping splicers. Far Cry 3: Insane villain (I only consider Vaas to be the villain, and not that other guy who is less interesting), a solid story, and fun open-world gameplay.

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    1. Grand Theft Auto (everything PS2/XBox up)

    the game is one that revolutionized the sandbox gameplay forever

    2. Halo

    i think there is enough said on this

    3. Resident Evil 4-5

    these games are absolutely mind blowing in the terms of action and horror

    4.God of War

    action? - check

    great storyline? - check

    blood, guts, and mouth-hanging-open-action? - check

    5.Metal Gear Solid 4

    i loved this game cause it got updated with new gagets, connected the storyline perfectly, and somehow made the gameplay a whole lot enjoyable than the rest

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    lawlz, Ape Escape was pwn.

    1) Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    2) Final Fantasy VII

    3) Metal Gear: Solid

    4) Pokemon: Yellow/Blue/Red Version(s)

    5) Super Smash Bros. Melee/N64

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    1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Best GTA ever

    2. Skate 2 - illest game I've ever played

    3. Mario Bros. 3 - Best Game ever

    4. MLB The Show - Love baseball

    5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Another one of my favorite GTA games

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    1. Zelda, Ocarina of Time

    that game was out of it's mind when it came out...

    2. Half Life 2

    The way that everything in that game was dynamic was unbeliveable at the time....

    3. Elder Scrolls IV

    Perhaps the best built world of all time...

    4. Super Mario Bros.

    And the world was never the same again.....

    5. Final Fantasy 6

    The first true epic RPG

  • Missy
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    i'm a Girl so i don't know if dis applies 2 me but i love video games.

    1. Grand Thief Auto 4

    2. Grand Thief Auto San Andreas

    3. Halo Games

    4. Left 4 Dead

    5. Dat bout all.

    all on xbox360 sucka.

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    1. Counter Strike 1.6, fast paced, awesome and its sh!t graphics make it all the better!

    2. Halo 1/2 I like all 3 of the Halo's, but i found that Halo 3 with all the new gadgets blah blah blah got so complicated, so Halo 2

    3. NBA 2k7, the best 2k basketball game

    4. Age of Empires II, because i like RTS Games

    5. No idea. Probably FIFA 07.

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    I used to be amazing at:

    Halo 2

    Call Of Duty 4

    & Battlefield 2

    Xbox & Xbox 360.

    All are addicting, H2 is so basic and perfect, meaning, had all the ranking system addicting features and playlists and kept you playing. Almost went pro, thanks to parents telling me otherwise. COD4, all over the ladders online, had a win streak of 464, no one has a higher win streak higher than me on that game. I lost due to host ending the game when it was tied. Whoever has a higher game win streak on that game, has boosted for it.

    Shoot, starting to sound like a nerd.

    I quit about 5 months ago. Best decision ever.

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