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how do I hit homeruns?

I'm 12 and I play baseball but I don't hit for power how can I hit For power?

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    Well if your 12 years old I wouldn't be to worried on hitting to many home runs you still have a lot of your baseball career to play and hit home runs. But if you really, really need to, the best way to hit a home run is not to think about it because if you think on hitting home runs your going to get all tensed up before you go up to the plate and either strike out, ground out, or fly out. Just take a pitch that you like and go with it.

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    weights. and you stance and picking up quickness in swing (batting cages). But mostly weights and exercise. you need a fast swing and pretty great stance to hit homeruns.

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    100 swings a day, lift weights, hit balls off a tee and when ur up to bat tighten up your muscles. and your elbow isnt suppose to be up, it was just like that on a trophy so thats why ppl think that.

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    well work on your eye contact. then work on the strength so do some push ups, sit ups, anything. swing the bat a lot too.

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    go to the weight room, hit plenty of balls of Tees and live pitches

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