resdent evil 4 main game saved data?

in resdent evil 4 first i beat the game then i did the side missions like operation ada and sepreat ways so i unlocked some stuff on the main game, but now that i did sepreat ways the saved data is of that. so i was wondering how do i do another main game with all my same stuff, beacuse i went back and got the infinit launcher on it befor doing sepreat ways. plz help!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sadly if you save in sepreat ways you save in the same are you do for resident evil 4 main story, you may of bu mistake saved over that game if so there no way to get it back with out going and doing it all over again, as far as i know any way sorry i could not be much help.

    Source(s): beat the game 10 times
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    1 decade ago


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