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Fun things to do in pittsburgh for a teen?

Me and a few others are planning to go to pittsburgh the day after our prom and we need some fun upbeat things to do/places to see?

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    Some fun things to do in Pittsburgh are to visit the Pittsburgh Zoo, The National Aviary, riding the Duquense Incline, the Phipps Conservatory, The Carnegie Museum of National History. You can always take in a baseball game and watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play while you're there too.

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    Kennywood. Definitely! It's a vintage style theme park.. lots of fun for an after prom day!

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    There's a whole load of info on Pittsburgh on this site, it should help:

    Congrats and have fun!

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    Kennywood's really fun! It's an amusement park btw.

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    hit the clubs

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