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Green Lantern Trivia?

To the Green Lantern Corps, in what space sector is Earth located? How many Green Lanterns are/have been assigned to this sector? What is each of their names?

Extra credit: Name the original Green Lantern ( from the '40's, the one who uses magic instead of a ring? )


Wow EX! That's exaustive. Glad to see there are other GL fans out there. :)

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    Earth is in sector 2814

    Abin Sur

    Hal Jordan

    John Stewart

    Guy Gardner

    Kyle Rayner (Even though he wasn't assigned to this sector since the corps was not active when he was given his ring)

    Yalin Gur (900's) - Green Lantern V3 19

    Jong Li - Green Lantern - Dragon Lord

    Laham of Scylla (1700's?) - Green Lantern Quarterly 2

    Starkaor (1700's?) - Legends of the DC Universe 20

    Waverly Sayre (1800's?) - Green Lantern Quarterly 2

    Charlie Vicker (Earth man, but assigned to Sector 3319)

    Anya Savenlovich (sp?) - Green Lantern-New Corps

    Daniel Young (1873) - Green Lantern v2 149

    Donna Parker (1950's) - Green Lantern Quarterly 4

    not sure if they were assigned, but Saalak, Ch'p, Kilowog, Arisa lived on Earth for a period...

    Jennie Lynn Hayden (Daughter of the 1940's GL and was a possessor of a Power Ring) - All Star Squadron 25

    Rond Vidar (30th Century) - Adventure Comics 349

    There might be more that I didn't find

    Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern in the 40's was the father to Jennie Lynn Hayden (and her twin brother Todd (Obsidian) Rice )

    Source(s): Memory, Reading comics for 38 years, and GL fan sites to help fill in the gaps
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    Space Sector 2814

    The Golden-Age Green Lantern is Alan Scott whose weakness is wood instead of the color yellow.

    Not including the original "Golden-Age" Green Lantern, I think there were 4 Green Lanterns.

    1. Hal Jordan

    2. Guy Gardner

    3. John Stewart

    4. Kyle Ryner

    Does Abin Sur count? I don't know if he patrolled that sector.

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