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How involved are assistant district attorneys (ADA) involved in cases?

Do they spend much time in a court room or more time behind a desk?

Is it hard to find a job? Cities Like maybe Phoenix, Seattle, or San francisco?

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    ADA's lead or assist in the prosecution of almost all of the cases in the DA's office. Junior ADA's usually start of by assisting more senior ADA's and eventually taking the lead in prosecuting misdemeanors working their way up to felonies.

    Trial preparation which includes "time behind the desk" constitutes a significant amount of time for all trial lawyers. Motions and subpoenas have to be drafted, legal arguments researched etc.

    Part of an ADA's time also includes interviewing witnesses, taking depositions and sometimes investigating crime scenes.

    Job criterion varies from office to office but generally speaking the field is fairly competitive and even more so as the job market for lawyers gets oversaturated as is the case now. Often during recessions like the current one, offices have hiring freezes.

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    ADA do most of the work. The DA or County Attorney is more of a figure head. High profile cases they know they can win, they may personally prosecute. Good luck

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