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Adjusting draw length on bow?

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i just got a pse compound bow. i lowered the draw weight from 72 down to around 60 but its still a bother to pull it back. its draw length is 29 inches and im only 15 and ...show more
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Unlike with recurves, lowering the draw length on a compound bow won't lower the peak weight. It seems like your problem is that the bow is too heavy as it should be, 60 lbs is a lot to pull. See about getting a limb replacement instead.

And please, don't let anyone tell you what weight you should use. Shoot at a weight that you are comfortable with. Heavier weight doesn't equal better shooting, the proper weight equals better shooting. If I have a choice of going 5 lbs too heavy vs 10 lbs too light, I'd go with 10 lbs too light.

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  • dumdum answered 6 years ago
    Most cams have an adjustment on them for the draw length. Take the bow to an archery shop and get them to adjust the draw length for you.They will check your draw by measuring your draw length and adjusting the bow accordingly.
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  • rockyb answered 6 years ago
    Go back to the dealer you bought the bow from or find a pse dealer and have him change your cam out.He can have you draw the bow and tell you what cam you need.He shouldn't charge you much.Going from 72 lb to 60 is quite a difference your should shoot better at the higher weight.He should check the timing on the bow it sounds like it could be off.


    Archer for 40 years
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  • adjusting draw length on bow?
    i just got a pse compound bow. i lowered the draw weight from 72 down to around 60 but its still a bother to pull it back. its draw length is 29 inches and im only 15 and 5'7" tall, how can i lower the draw length?
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