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How long does it take on a plane from Newcastle International Airport to Tenerife?

on a plane obviously.

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    Ignore Dan, he is talking shite lol. Just because a flight doesnt appear on Expedia etc doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

    There ARE direct, non-stop flights from Newcastle to Tnerife. Both Thomas Cook Airlines and Thomson Airways fly this route. A direct flight from Newcastle (NCL) to Tenerife (TFS) is just over 4 hours.


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    Newcastle To Tenerife

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    Khandi, there is no non-stop service between these two places. (I am assuming that you are referring to Tenerife, Canary Islands.) The distance between these two points is 1989 miles, which is about 4 hours flying time in a B-757 or similar aircraft.



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    Long enough to sink a dozen Newcastle Browns.

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