What is the message in the movie 'let him have it'?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Let Him Have It" is a 1991 British film set in 1952 and based on the true story of the case against Derek Bentley, who was hanged for murder under controversial circumstances. While Bentley did not directly play a role in the murder of PC Sidney Miles, he received the greater punishment than the gunman (who was below the age of 18).

    It tells the sorry tale of two young tearaways, one of whom went to the gallows for the action of the other, and of a miscarriage of justice so notorious that it became sufficient to simply name the two defendants to evoke recognition. The UK hanged an innocent person on the basis of a tenuous legal argument, mainly out of a bloodthirsty desire for revenge and to be seen to be making someone pay for a murder, regardless of whether or not they were accountable. The victim of this miscarriage of justice was a mentally-retarded young man who was guilty only of being stupid, in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

    It is also the story of the start of the abolition of capital punishment in the UK, and a salutary reminder of the consequences of its possible reinstatement. The case of Bentley and Craig is almost unique in British legal history for one reason: it is impossible to read of this case and still remain neutral on the subject of hanging.

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