Domestic Violence and Women and Men?

Why is it that when Chris Brown hit Rihanna everybody wants him to go to jail but when Mary Winkler shot and killed her husband she pratically got off with nothing at all and even got her kids back. The point of my question is that does it seem when women are violent towards men the men are told to deal with it and it is swept under the rug but when women are victims of violence everybody rallies around them and wants the guy to go to jail. For the record before u guys start the insults i don't condone domestic violence but i think that vioence both ways should be acknowledged and not just one way of violence.

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    I've wondered that as well. It is a double standard. I personally am convinced women can be just as violent and evil as men. So finally, we have that equality women have fought so hard for, too bad it seems we don't have the same punishment being issued. Case in point is how when a male teacher has sex with a female student it's horrific and he goes to prison. When a female teacher does it with a male student, as long as she isn't unattractive, it's seen as amusing and she can sometimes escape serious punishment. I think that society still assumes men are stronger than women and as such when they abuse women it's somehow worse than when women do it to men. It's all equally bad to me.

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    "There are as many violent women as men, but there's a lot of money in hating men..." --Erin Pizzey, founder of the first modern battered women's shelter.

    Winkler now has her children back by the way.

    She admits she shot her husband in the back with a shotgun while he slept. She removed the phone as he lay dying so he could not call for help. It took quite a while for him to die.

    No problem for Ms. Winkler. She took the kids to the beach. When interviewed by the police, she gave several conflicting stories. Only after she hired a defense lawyer did she come up with the abuse excuse. And of course the husband wasn't around to refute it.

    The real deal is that she was caught up in some Nigerian scam that her husband found out about. That's when she killed him. A male juror, sheepishly attempting to explain the verdict, simply said the female jurors would not go for murder.

    Female chauvinist pigs are everywhere. Not just in your local womyn's studies class. They are the voters, jurors, judges, HR staff, teachers and politicians who every day favor women over men.

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    Well Domestic Violence has been taken over by feminists. It's no longer a simple crime. These days DV is a "women's issue."

    ...So much so that when feminists drafted up VAWA, they made sure to frame it in such a way that it appeared men and only men were abusive.

    The Violence AGAINST WOMEN Act.

    Out of all of the gender-neutral names that could have been, they chose one that was 100% biased against men.

    Funny how they like everything else to be gender-nuetral, but the "bad things" go in the "male-only" category.

    Feminists have been selling the idea that men and only men abuse for so long, that society goes along with them. When women are abusive there's almost a disbelief and people go scrambling for explanations of how that woman could have possibly done a thing like that.

    If anyone has ever heard of Erin Prizzy, then they'd know there's a long history of feminists trying to control this issue and frame it as a "male-only" crime.

    Here's a link to an article by Prizzy. It's a long read, but there's some good perspective into this issue:

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    Continue to raise awareness because currently not a whole lot of people know about this very serious issue. Our feminized society has been conditioned to believe that only women can be victim and only men abused. With enough awareness and opposition, hopefully, funding and research will be distribute far more evenly (instead of only focus on female victims) and feminism will lose control of the Domestic Violence industry.

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    You are right, and stats have been posted here many times showing that more times than not, women are the perpetrators of domestic violence. How can we as a society deal with domestic violence by telling one gender to be morally superior than the other? One of the answers nailed it. DV became a feminist issue, making it political, rather than legal where all perpetrators are equally held accountable under the law.

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    I am not familiar with this Mary Winkler case, thus I cannot comment on it. Your final statement however is correct, it is not just one way violence and that needs to start being addressed.

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    "From a 1994 Bureau of Justice Statistics study of spousal homicides (based on a 1988 data set):

    Wife defendants had a lower conviction rate than husband defendants--

    * Of the 222 wife defendants, 70% were convicted of killing their mate. By contrast, of the 318 husband defendants, 87% were convicted of spouse murder.

    * Of the 100 wife defendants tried by either a judge or jury, 31% were acquitted. But of the 138 husband defendants tried, 6% were acquitted.

    * Of the 59 wife defendants tried by a jury, 27% were acquitted. But of the estimated 91 husband defendants tried by a jury, none was acquitted ...

    An estimated 156 wives and 275 husbands were convicted of killing their spouse. Convicted wives were less likely than convicted husbands to be sentenced to prison, and convicted wives received shorter prison sentences than their male counterparts--

    * 81% of convicted wives but 94% of convicted husbands received a prison sentence.

    * On average, convicted wives received prison sentences that were about 10 years shorter than what husbands received. Excluding life or death sentences, the average prison sentence for killing a spouse was 6 years for wives but 16.5 years for husbands.

    * Among wives sentenced to prison, 15% received a sentence of 20 years or more (including life imprisonment and the death penalty); among husbands, it was 43% ... "

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    Because men suffering from dv are never taken seriously, since they are considered physically stronger.

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    Mary Winkler case does not exist and never happened

    Source(s): Feminists said so
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    There are obvious double standards in the society.

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