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Why is 9mm ammo sold out at every major retailer, sports shop & gun dealer in Minnesota?

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Not just in MN, everywhere! People are hording, buying as much as they can so that when the socialist obama makes ammo illegal they will have some. And not just 9mm, I have been looking for and cannot find the following:
.22 cal
.357 magnum
.44 magnum
.223 remington
7.62 x 39 mm (NATO)


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Thanks...I was afraid it wasn't just happening here in MN.
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  • wvhunter129 answered 6 years ago
    Hording, panic, etc.

    Since before the election when it looked like Obama was going to be elected this started.

    Some people are scared and some think they can buy it and resale it to make a fortune off of other people wanting it.

    Yes the two wars aren't helping either due to the manufactures making military ammo and using the components that would probably be used for civilian ammo to make the military ammo. Also, China buying up all the scrap metal. All sorts of reasons can be explained.

    The main reason I feel is panic. Yes I am buying ammo, but I by a box or two here and there. Never have I bought a case of ammo and I don't have 10,000 rounds stored up. I would never shoot that much ammo in my lifetime.

    People need to calm down. The demand is greater than the supply right now and the manufactures can't keep up with the demand. If people would stop and give the manufactures time then there would be plenty as long as they don't panic buy.

    Wal-Mart, where my son works in sporting goods, has put a limit on how much you can buy at one time in a day.
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  • Sling Shot 2010 answered 6 years ago
    a lot of it went to Mexico. A lot of it is being held for police and security guards.
    I work in a sporting goods store, a lot of ammo is hard to come by, if at all, but we hold stocks of 9mm, 40 S+W, .357 mag, .223 Rem, 5.56x45mm, even .38 Special +p only to be sold to people who actually have a NEED for the ammo. Because they get top priority, you don't even get a chance at a good portion of our stock.
    Some people buy as much as they can, when they can. The less available, the more they want it. I've had people tell me they have stockpiled over 10,000 rounds of centerfire ammo. That's just silly, but it is also reality. Get used to it. ?It probably will be like this for at least another year.
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  • Fatefinger answered 6 years ago
    Not sold out here. Apparenly supply is still somewhat keeping up with demand here.


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  • ☥ J@^^3S ®(K.I.A) answered 6 years ago
    every one is stock piling so when obama has to be an a ss and raises the price, we will have all the ammo we will need.
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  • bobbo342 answered 6 years ago
    Supply and demand


    Gun Owner, NRA member
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  • Kevin answered 6 years ago
    gun sales have increased greatly since obama was elected

    everyone is paranoid that obama is going to take our guns. but luckily he is not going, and its all just propaganda released by the nra to increase membership

    so everyone is going out and buying new guns, so they need ammo

    also people fear that ammo restrictions will be implimented, so people are stocking up
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  • Cougars & Texans answered 6 years ago
    People hoarding.
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  • Bryan answered 6 years ago
    population control.
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  • Why is 9mm ammo sold out at every major retailer, sports shop & gun dealer in Minnesota?
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