how do you change a percent to a decmal and than to a fraction?

82%, 7%, 1%, and how

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    To change a PERCENT to a DECIMAL: Get rid of the % sign, and move the decimal point 2 places to the left (which, technically speaking, is dividing by 100). Remember that in a percent, if the decimal point is not shown, it always is after the number, because, for example, 6% is the same thing as 6.0%


    82% = 0.82

    7% = 0.07

    1% = 0.01

    To change a DECIMAL to a FRACTION: Read the decimal aloud properly. Don't say, for example, "two point 5", but use tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. Let's say you have 0.25. That is read as "twenty-five hundredths." Since you said "hundredths," the fraction is 25 over 100. Simplify the fraction from there, which in this case turns into 1/4.


    0.82 = eighty-two hundredths = 82/100 (then simplify to 41/50)

    0.07 = seven hundredths = 7/100

    0.01 = one hundredth = 1/100


    Each place to the right of the decimal has a different name (tenths, hundredths, etc.) Here they are in order, going from the decimal point to the right:







    ...and on and on and on.... You get the idea :)

    Sorry that was so insanely long, hope it makes sense now!

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    Move the decimal for the first one. 82% = .82.

    To put it into a fraction, divide it by 100 since 82% means 82/100 here.

    And reduce!



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