Does the employment of illegal aliens negatively impact the jobless rate among black American men?

The unemployment rate of African American men in NYC is currently at 50%. Service and trade jobs traditionally held by a large number of black American men are now being given to illegal aliens who can be paid a lower rate. How can a born and raised American find the American Dream when his decent job won't pay him a fair wage, or worse, fires him and hires an illegal resident at half the rate?

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    OMG another one:

    The jobs taken by illegal aliens IS NOT related to unemployement rates. And that rate has been the same for blacks, since they became free from slavery (in the past was lower i believe).

    Look at this, if they do not employ illegal aliens, the farm insdustry will be established in x developing country and get a cheaper labor. Just like the IMB and microsoft, they are established in india. It is the same $hit. You wont have that picking fruit job. They did it in the past, and if they cannot find someone to do the labor in here, they will go elsewhere. Examples are fruits and factories. From Where do you think your latex come? Your grapes? Your bananas? Even your clothes? Where do you think your computer was built? If they close all the farms that employ illegal immigrants, they will go ELSEWHERE just like in the past, where all the latin american countries were full of american farms. So in other words, you will still be waiting for that picking fruit job that you want so much.

    I learned in college that a white american has 50% more chance of getting a job than a black american, even when they both have the same education and experience. And job in the service area are only given to a person with a LEGAL status, and all are paid the same. example housekeeping. I used to live in Orlando, and the hotels paid the same amount to hispanics, blacks and whites (i did not saw that many whites working there) 9$ per hour (its not so bad when you get a lot of tips). And i dont think that an illegal person can get the same job you guys can, like in a corporation, a normal store, etc. So you are talking about a "decent job" that do not even apply to african americans, because they are stereotyped too. Do not blame another ethnicity when the problem is deeper and MUCH longer than that. Just read a book about african american history and you will see. You guys never had any oportunity like a white person, a native american NEVER had any opportunity at all, starting with no jobs at the reservations, the highest unemployemnt rate, they cannot even go to college bcz their parents cannot pay for it...Plz do not become blind and read read read, inform yourself. You guys fighted so much in the 60's for your rights...but look at you, you are doing the same thing that the whites did in the 40's-60's, talking without knowing the real problem, just saying what you heard from someone that dont even know what is talking about, or being mislead by the media (a good example is the iraq war)

    Source(s): all i'm saying is BACKED by my EDUCATION...things that i learned and i'm learning @ COLLEGE.
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    I think it does to some extent, however, I agree there are other reasons why unemployment for black men is higher than the average.

    I wish people would stop saying that "americans won't do those jobs." When people are desperate enough, which they are starting to get since people are getting laid off right and left, they will do jobs that they might not have considered before.

    There are plenty of illegals who have false documents. I used to live in NYC and people make their living falsifying social security cards and other documents for illegal immigrants. So they can get jobs in hotels and corporations. And not all illegals are hispanics and not all are uneducated and unskilled. I have known some illegals who were college educated--they are not usually from Mexico though, but from Latin America came from Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia.

  • Ali A
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    Cherry wrote:"Not to my knowledge, illegals do the jobs that most Americans refuse to do. And I believe that the Black population will not go back of picking cotton."

    Construction jobs are STILL predominantly held by AMERICANS but about 25 percent are now going to illegal aliens, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Is construction one of those jobs Americans "won't do" or more correctly, is it one of those jobs Americans won't do and can't afford to do for peanuts? A couple of years ago I watched predominantly Black union construction workers picketing a construction site on which mainly Latino workers seemed to be working. Those Black workers sure seemed to want those jobs. The fact is, most illegal aliens are NOT out in the fields picking cotton or anything else. Most illegal aliens are doing jobs Americans do want when the pay is right. And is going to college one of those jobs Americans won't do? What's the rationale for the Dream Act based on that feeble justification for illegal alien labor?

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    I really don't believe your source. I don't know where you received it from; anyway, I still think it boils down to racism.

    As, black men/women have a fair chance at getting and having a higher education than an "illegal"

    I know many black men that are educated and they are not threaten by any "illegal". They worry more about racist.

    Cherry: Was this comment really needed..." And I believe that the Black population will not go back of picking cotton."

    So, uncalled for and racist!

    Source(s): My life source
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    Sorry - the American Dream is now reserved for third world invaders!

    Illegal aliens take the blue collar jobs and green card and visa holders or outsourcing take the white collar jobs. In some industries wages have fallen 50% because of this - and it wasn't by accident. Greedmonsters like billy gates need cheap labor, cause he's so poor!

    Move out of the cities where they congregate. There are parts of

    America that are still America.

  • Some papers statistics post that unemployed are....


    Latin: 11%

    white: 9%

    asian: 7%

    American Indians: ?%

    just my opinion East Indian 3%

    but I think that they are lumping legal and illegal together,because the press is not suppose to know who is illegal and who isn't...O_0hmmm.

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    This is the under current of illegal immigration that is suffocating service and trade industries. Illegal immigrants find a large portion of their jobs in the agricultural industry....they pick at "piece" rates making money based on the amount of fruit or vegetables they pick...but they are also dominating the labor force in construction, food service, and hire illegals to clean rooms, fast food chains hire them to cook, and prep, and construction firms hire them as unskilled laborers who do not demand benefits and will work for minimum wage or less.

    Starvation has a way of making people lower their standards...often immigrants live ten to a home utilizing one vehicle to transport them all....and they are grateful for the opportunity to earn money.

    Americans are a bit spoiled...I will put that out there....I have never seen anything other than hispanics working in the fields of Calfornia and until I see a white guy working out in the fields, I have a tough time listening to the arguement about stealing jobs....but they are now dominating virtually every labor force...and who can blame them...if you were used to making a few pennies a day...and now you are making hundreds of dollars a is like walking on streets of gold.

    But as the recession deepens...employers need to stop hiring non-citizens and give those jobs to people that are legal citizens of this country....often these jobs are not high skill jobs and anyone can do excluding young urban youths from the labor force is a travesty....I have been in the construction industry for around 20 years....when I started in construction I worked predominantly with english speaking the last 5 years...I watched the trend move towards illegal immigrants....they work for nothing...don't ask for benefits....and work their tails off....I had to learn spanish just to get any sort of consideration as a field manager...because not having spanish skills meant that I would be unable to communicate with the crew....or the employer would outfit you with a leadman that was fluent in both languages so that he could communicate for you...basically a paid jobsite translator.

    Republicans introduced legislation in the early part of the decade that forbids illegal immigrants from working on any project tha is funded by federal funds...most states followed suit as did city and county governments...if you don't have a social security can't work on public works jobs....but that still leaves a huge non-prevailing wage private construction industry without any controls over hiring and wages.

    It has definitely effected jobless rates in this country and I think as the recession gets worse...illegals are going to be walking on thin ice....I hold nothing against them...they are trying to feed themselves and their children just like the rest of us....but they don't follow the same rules that the rest must abide by, and therefore are likely going to see a certain amount of backlash from the public at large.

    American citizens have a tough time sitting at home collecting general relief and becoming more and more poverty stricken when illegal immigrants are going home with a nice paycheck every week at a job that they could perform.

    Remember in Grapes of Wrath...the people of Oklahoma migrated west and drove the immigrants out and started doing all of the fruit picking during the depression....if it goes on long enough...society will's just a matter of how much of a threshold we have.

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    No, not at all. In South Carolina, there is currently a shortage of field workers in fruit farms costing farmers a ton of money each day for food products they're not able to push out. I don't see a line full of black men waiting to get these fact, I don't see any American lining up to do these jobs......

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    I don't think she was trying to insult Latinos. African American men usually fall behind in academics for different reasons. Because of this, they usually work those particular jobs. That's why she posted the question in this sense.

    Before December none of this meant anything to me, that is before my husband was laid off from his job making 65,000 a year. He has been looking for work since then and hasn't been able to find anything. Mostly because those that are hiring, won't hire him because they know that when his original job starts back hiring he won't stay with them. But in the meantime, we are living off my salary of 40,000 plus the little umemployment check that comes in. To those that can add, you notice that are monthly income has decreased by over 50%. We have a house, 2 cars and other things that we could fit well into our budget before December.

    So yes Miss Dimplez, those illegal aliens working on those jobs that nobody wants are taking from people. Because since Dec. we have lowered our standards just to keep the things we have worked so hard for in the beginning. Stinking chicken plants that should be on their heads to hire a hard working man like my husband has refused him because they have all those illegals to work for nothing.

    And yes, it does bother me when I look on the construction sites down from my house and see nothing but Latinos working on them. Nothing against the race, its just common sense that a construction site in Mississippi shouldn't just consist of Latinos. Mississippi has the highest rate of blacks.

    Source(s): Common sense
  • fdm215
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    1 decade ago

    Not necessarily. There are areas that have very little in the way of illegal immigration but still have major unemployment among minorities.

    It doesn't help anyone at the low end of the pay scale to be undercut by illegal workers. I have yet to see any credible numbers to describe just how big a problem this really is.

    It was discovered that a large number of illegals from China were living in my city and working in Chinese restaurants. These are not jobs Blacks or Hispanics were likely to get due to the language barrier.

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