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Did the US Supreme Court make it illegal to carry loaded firearm in National Park?

Is this true? When and why did they overturn it?

Does this apply to Fed forest land that is not National Parkland?

Can I still have a loaded firearm in my campsite in a National Park? What is next in the new AMERIKA?


Looks like a state ccp permit is new gun law on Fed land? Crazy?

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    O.K. everyone... The way it sits now is the park service was asked to change the policy on firearms in Federal Parks and after alot of back and forth they decided that it might not be a bad idea, so they put it out for public opinions and lo and behold, even with a 6 month extension on comments they couldn't get enough people to oppose the idea, so it was passed and was scheduled to take effect on or about March 1st, but when Nobama came in, he put a hold on everything that Bush had passed and now it is in a holding pattern.

    The law is (if it ever goes through with "him" in the "White"house), whatever the law of the state, is the law of the park, if you can carry concealed in state with a permit, same in the park. If no state permit, than you cannot carry in the park (Sorry Ill and MN).

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    Yes. As an American, it is our right to carry a firearm in the open. But let's think about what would happen if.... -You carry a firearm as protection, open carry within the guidlines of the law while you take your trip to a National Park. Anyone with ill-intentions would think twice about attempting to commit a crime against you. -Should you leave your firearm in you vehicle while at the park because you brought it with you on your trip and went for a hike for a few hours and someone broke into your vehicle. Now they have a stolen weapon that will be used to commit more crimes. -You are on a hike by yourself and you are attacked by an animal you didn't know was there or even another person wanting to assualt you on any level. You as a person, legally carrying a firearm can defend yourself. The ONLY argument advocates of removing that right have is that you might accidently shoot someone. And although that is not a farfetched scenario, you are more likely to get robbed, assualted, or attacked by a wild animal than to be accidently shot. Those who take firearms to a park for illegal purposes should face stiffer penalties so that those Americans that properly practice safe handling of any weapons don't lose our rights.

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    It is now LEGAL to carry a loaded firearm into a National Park. The ban was overturned a few months ago. I`ll post the legislation and an article later on, I`m at work right now and cant access it. But, the state gun laws still apply, so if a national park crosses state lines and its legal for you to carry it in one state you can be arrested in the next state if for some reason it is illegal for you to carry in that state, even though you are still in the park. State laws come first, the Feds only gave the OK to carry firearms in the National Parks.

    Source(s): NY Backpacking Guide
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    As I understand it, the National Park Service revised its rules to permit concealed carry by persons who had concealed carry permits in the state surrounding the park. Then the usual anti-gun fanatics sued and got one of their pet judges to issue an injunction against the new rule, which made it illegal again. That's how things stand, for now.

    Appeals are in progress. It hasn't reached the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) yet.

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    It used to be legal, then it was illegal, then it was legal if it was legal in the surrounding state, now after pressure from Obama and staff it's illegal again.

    The reason for making it illegal again is because the back county is safer when only the criminals are armed. That way honest people can't hurt the poor criminals when the criminals rob, rape or murder them and nobody will have the nerve to cell phone the ranger station if they see a crime, reducing the amount of reported crime in the back country.

    Such is reality in the Obamanation.

    Beverly Adams

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    While others point out correctly that the ban was overturned in 2008, the decision to overturn it was overturned, thereby making it still illegal.

    View my link below, and you'll see that it is from April 21, 2009.

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    I don't think it was the Supreme Court that did it, but a lower court. It's still a crock, regardless.

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    Just get a concealed carry permit and forget about it!

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    every one is a fascist...

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