Who should get a longer prison sentence - Madoff or Markoff?

Madoff swindled 50 billion dollars out of thousands of people, charities, businesses. He destroyed their lives and/or life's work.

Markoff - Craigslist killer. Murdered a woman in cold blood, and stole maybe a few thousand dollars.

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    Put both of them in the same cell, and let them out only to make license plates or to somehow otherwise improve our world... from the inside of a maximum security prison... They should work for their keep, and to pay back the people for the cost of their investigations and prosecutions... at least! If one has to be let out to let another dangerous felon in, then it should be the non-murderer... but he should still have to do a billion hours of community service on the outside.

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    Madoff because he harmed more people. He is responsible for some deaths, I believe. Madoff is more psychological.

    There are 2 systems of justice in this country. White collar crime vs. Blue collar crime - Those that can pay vs. Those that cannot

    The system is not fair.

    Markoff - he's a bad guy but he didn't kill or hurt as many people as Madoff did.

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    In my mind, Madoff should get life. But I think Markoff should get the needle.

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    Markoff - as they actually killed someone

    losing a life is worse than having no money

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