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Would Turkey have better chances of entering the EU if Kurdistan went back to the Kurds?

This would mean a big chunk of Turkey would go to Asia, leaving a bigger portion in Europe?

Would it be easier to convince the EU that Turkey is part of Europe?

Food for thought.

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    They will hate me immidiately but PERSONAL OPINION, is yes. They will have much much better options.

    There must be some very special conditions in order to be a separate country, Kurdistan.

    This will mean that

    1. Turkey will lose her role as 'favorite' of the Americans.

    2. The Army won't be that indispensable in Turkey, which means that Turkey will be able to 'turn a page' and go on.

    3. Europeans don't want Turkey because it will be the 'eye' of the USA in EU and help America controle the EU.

    4. Turkey will lose the favor of the USA and consequently the regional power that it has.


    1. Losing the favor of the US, Turkey will become really indipendant, especially indipendant from the Middle East problem and middle eastern american interests.

    2. Turkey will 'deprive' a very conservative part of it's society, Kurds.

    3. Turkey won't have a reason to maintain war status with Greece in Aegeum, because it won'[t have to buy weapons from the US (and others) and becuase the Army won't influence the political scene any more. So politicians will be ready to act like in Europe.

    4. Turkey won't border with Iraq and other sensitive regions.

    5. So many years, almost a century that US favores Turkey, is Turkey's economical status and individual's life quality any better?

    Apart from being able to boast about being a military power, are the people wealthier and the state wealthier?

    Of course no one can support such a solution! I wouldn't like it for my country! To be honest...I don't support it for another country!

    I just think it would help the modernization (even in politics) of the country.

  • You just dont get it do you?

    People like you will ask the same retarded s h i t because you have no clue on how the world works.

    You cant just give back a chunk of land to whoever you want and expect them to get on with it.

    Kurds as a people are tribal,have a low standard of living,are violent within their communities,have no secure structure,have no leaders who can speak for everyone.Thier entire modern history has been of war,and with no relations with anyone from the outside world.

    The Kurds cannot speak for themselves.This doesn't mean they dont have the right to speak for themselves,but they dont have the security within their people to do it.

    Its unsafe for Kurds to have their own country as there culture is entirely Islamic based with no enlightenment period or influence.

    That is dangerous for Turkey so it is war just waiting to happen.

    You think guys like me wouldnt jump for joy at the Kurds leaving Turkey in order to have thier own home? Thats Turkey minus 22 million of its population,which would allow Turks to secure jobs and the government to stop spending billions of $$$ fighting with them.

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    This shouldn't be a concern for an Argentinian.

    Mind your own business.

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    Recently I was sitting with Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel and some other prime nministers of the EU countries whose names are not worth of mentioning.

    I asked them the very same question. They all hesiated .. looked at each other. Finally they managed to speak and said in tears:

    "We never will and never can be so great as the glorious Turkish Nation but thanks for asking this question. We'd be honored if you call us just 'brothers'.

    and then all bended over and started licking my boots.

    (I think it's a European habbit of respect. They always like to lick my boots)

    I consoled them and they promised to be better human beings in the future. So far they cannot keep their promises but they are trying..

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    why are these retarded questions? it seems you are trying to provoke sth around here huh?

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    no we are planning to take over greek armenian,bulgarian lands.

    we are never good at give back lands.

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