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    Jake and mother is bound by a common destiny, they have raised a cow, because the cow cannot squeeze out the milk old, therefore mother wants Jake to pull the cow the market to sell out, trades Qian Yigong to live. Jake arrives at half to run into a grandfather to take the evil spirit bean to trade the cow with him, Jake complies bewilderedly. After going home, mother sees Jake only to trade the evil spirit bean to come back, to be in a pet loses the evil spirit bean outside the window. The second day of evil spirit bean unexpectedly is much longer enters Yunsiao, Jake climbs the cane curiously on, discovered that in the cloud layer has a castle, inside was occupied by a giant, Jake has called the giant dozed off when several times submerges in the room to steal away under several gold coins, a meeting Jin Dan the hen and an evil spirit qin, but last time stole time the evil spirit qin which will sing actually alarmed the giant, the giant has climbed down the beanstalk to capture him, luckily Jake and mother cut off the beanstalk promptly with the axe, finally the giant fell the next life from the high place. Jake henceforth with mother happy joyful life!

    Source(s): 自己和奇摩
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