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There are many factors that can cause an animal or plant species to become endangered. The main cause of species endangerment is humanity’s destruction of both water and land habitats. Deforestation and soil, air, and water pollution can all destroy habitat. This can then cause a large number of animals or plants to die. The critically endangered Sumatran orangutan has seen a 50% decline in its population over the last eight years as farmers clear more and more forests for agriculture.

Another cause of endangerment is the unreasonable exploitation of animal. Uncontrolled hunting of whales in the last century, for example, resulted in many whale species becoming critically endangered.

The very high demand for animal parts for use in certain foods or medicines is another example. The horn of the rhinoceros can be sold at a high price in some places where it is thought to be medicinal: a price so high that people will kill the animals even though it is against the law.

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    有許多因素可以導致動物或植物,成為瀕危物種。主要原因物種瀕危是人類破壞水和土地的棲息地。砍伐森林和土壤,空氣和水質污染都可以破壞棲息地。這可以導致大量的動物或植物死亡。極度瀕危的蘇門答臘猩猩出現了下降, 50 %的人口在過去八年裡,因為農民清楚地越來越多的森林用於農業。



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    有可能造成動物或植物種類變得危及的許多因素。 種類危害的主要起因是水和土地棲所的人類的破壞。 砍伐森林和土壤、空氣和水污染可能全部毀壞棲所。 這可能然後造成很大數量的動物或植物死。 危急地危險的Sumatran猩猩清楚地看了50%人口减少它的在過去八年期間當農夫越來越森林為農業。

    危害的另一起因是動物的不合情理的開發。 鯨魚未管制的狩獵在上一個世紀的,例如,導致變得許多鯨魚的種類危急地危及。非常高要求動物零件的用於某些食物或醫學是另一個例子。 犀牛的墊鐵可以被賣以一個高價在認為是醫藥的有些地方: 價格那麼高人們將殺害動物,即使是非法的。

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