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有一首歌好像是YUNG JOC唱的 歌名好像是I'm A G 請問我是遠傳966來電達鈴 請問我該怎麼說? 有誰有這首歌的手機鈴聲可以傳給我嗎? 即時帳號 kotwinsya

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    曲名: I'm A G

    演唱: Yung Joc feat. Bun B. & Young Dro

    [INTRO (Yung Joc)]

    Is that right?



    BNT ho!

    A G is what a G does bay, my momma told me dat

    BNT ho!

    Dro, Bun-B, Yung Joc..let's go


    I'm the seventh letter of the alphabet (I'm a G)

    And in my pocket there ain't ever nothin less

    And if your bitch f**k me she f**ked the rest

    Cuz I'm a A B C D E F G

    [Verse 1: Yung Joc]

    You can catch me in the A

    Check my DNA

    What can I say? I'm a G 100% all da way

    The block on lock, jet like the chain gang

    The hustlenomic$ piece back and forth when the chain swang

    I'm blowin' grandaddy just so I can maintain

    I'm a G and I'll tell ya bitch da same thang

    Middle finga to ya pussies, nigga no shame

    '77 Chevelle, same color cocaine

    And I a true balla n G playin in da deck

    Out with the young'ns nigga, get money and respect

    You in that name droppin' get u and yo mans wet

    Nigga I'm a G now who the f**k u think u playin wit?

    [Chorus x2]









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