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1. Carbon dioxide is considered the major cause of the effect which resulted in global warming.

(A) green peace (B) green movement (C) green house (D) green energy

2.The pigment in a paint not only creates a decorative and functional color ________ affects the mechanical properties of the paint.

(A) and then (B) that (C) but also (D) or

3.A dinosaur track described as perhaps ________ has been uncovered in Canada.

(A) the largest found ever intact (B) the largest ever found intact (C) ever the largest found intact (D) ever found intact the largest

4.In summer many birds are ________ a good place to raise their young.

(A) in the name of (B) in view of (C) in case of (D) in search of

5.Large passenger planes often carry weather instruments with which to ________ storms.

(A) send (B) repair (C) share (D) forecast

6.________, the scientists who study the earth itself, have great interest in underwater exploration.

(A) Biologists (B) Psychologists (C) Geologists (D) Geographers

7.The Great Basin, the ________ desert in the United States, is almost completely devoid of trees.

(A) bleakest (B) popular (C) richness (D) beautiful

8.Robin is afraid of birds, I wonder if there is any way that we could help her to ________ this fear.

(A) intimidate (B) hallucinate (C) accelerate (D) eliminate

9.A panda spends most of its time sleeping, ________ its waking hours looking for food.

(A) that it spends (B) for spending (C) and it spends (D) will spend

10.Seeking peace and clean air, many young people have moved from cities to ________ areas of the country.

(A) rusty (B) remote (C) external (D) fertile

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    1. (C) green house

    2. (C) but also

    3. (B) the largest ever found intact

    4. (D) in search of

    5. (D) forecast

    6. (C) Geologists

    7. (A) bleakest

    8. (D) eliminate

    9. (C) and it spends

    10. (B) remote


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    我不會翻譯,只能幫你解題 ..

    1. C

    2. C

    3. B

    4. D

    5. D

    6. C

    7. A

    8. D

    9. C

    10. B

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