I think I may have fractured my arm or bruised my bone?

A wet towel was on my tile floor last week and I slipped and fell on the floor and landed on my right arm. I used to sprain my right wrist a lot but this isn't a sprain. I know it. It felt horrible and experienced paint that I haven't felt before. I think it actually hurts more now than it did a week ago. I'm wondering if I bruised my bone or fractured it (is it the same thing?).

I can't use my remote to change a tv channel without being in pain. I cant really pick up certain things in different directions. When I try to move my arm I'm in a lot of pain. Now the pain has traveled to my wrist, fingers, and shoulder. It actually hurts to type all of this. I thought maybe it could heal on its on but it hasn't obviously. I'm afraid it may get worse and I'm not sure what to do. Maybe some opinions and help from someone would be best too.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah this sounds more serious than a bruise if you've given it time to heal. at this point you need to seek a doctor and x-rays. the longer you wait the greater risk of the bone healing in an improper way. until then keep icing it every couple hours but no more than 30min at a time. Good luck.

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    First off a bruise and contusion are the same thing. A fracture is more serious. You said that you have sprained your arm and wrist before so you should be able to tell the difference... a bruise would not radiate down your arm.... you should ICE ELEVATE COMPRESS AND REST... and take some motrin or something and make an appointment to see the doctor for an xray to rule out a fracture.

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    Go to a doctor. We can't tell if it's fractured. If you fell on with your hand supporting your weight, it's a classic way to get a fracture.

    A bruised bone is not a fracture.

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