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How much would a trip to New York City cost? (Including food, transportation, hotel)?

I'm from Arizona, and I wanted to visit New York, but don't know how much it could cost. I've been planning to take my mom and dad, and take a plane from Phoenix to Atlanta, to New York, but I have no idea what a regular plane ticket costs these days. We also need a hotel, for a weekend, and food, but food for the three of us would most likely be about $250+. We would also like to visit some places, like Time Square, Statue of Liberty, among others, so, how much would a ferry, subway, and taxi cost?

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    are all good places to start. You can find cheap fast food restaurants in NYC and you can buy groceries. The groceries are not cheap, but then, I saw grocery prices in Casa Grande AZ and was shocked by how high those prices were. Just yahoo "New York subway" or NY MTA for subway prices. I was there 5 years ago and the bus/subway fare was $2 one way. You can save $ by buying a Metro card at many newsstands. If your parents are senior citizens, there is a sr. rate on the bus/subway. New York is a great place to visit-- you won't be bored. Don't forget to see the museums-- MOMA for one. Washington Crossing the Delaware is a wonderful giant painting to see in person. And if you like seeing old knights' armor, the MOMA is for you. If you like military and space history, see the USS Intrepid-- an old aircraft carrier that serves as a museum.It's bad that we are in a recession; otoh, you won't find cheaper prices than now.

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    Go to a local travel agent and check out the deals on trips to NYC. Find a clean hotel centrally located to Midtown. Now might be a good time to do it with less people traveling due to overblown swine-flu scare

  • For hotels, check out GTA hotels. They have good value-for-money offers on many hotels (2* to 5* hotels).

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