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can u fall out of a roller coaster?

okay so there is a really really steep roller coaster and i wanna go on and im scared im gonna fall out the bars dnt look like there gonna keep me in and in scared of that feeling

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    For the most part roller coasters are very safe,especially, the ones at the traditional amusement parks that are technologically amazing in how they are designed by the brightest engineers. I am serious. Did you ever look at the brilliance of these newly designed coasters as they swirl and twirl at top speeds going with steady drops of hundreds of feet only to suddenly soar back up into the air? Amazing.

    I'm a fan of the older roller coasters. I like that wooden clak clak clak as you climb the mountain. They are too impressive in their design.

    Even the carnival type coasters that come and go from town to town are rigidly inspected by the states they visit.

    If there is a real danger in coasters it's from people who do stupid things that they should not be doing on the coaster--hanging out or standing up and then having their head hit something in passing.

    The roller coaster tragedies caused by the coaster itself do rarely happen.

    Roller coasters are crazy fun and as safe as anything else in our world. It's not a perfect world and things happen but, for the most part, coasters are great fun.

    Source(s): Life long roller coaster fan.
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    You could theoretically fall out of a roller coaster, however it's very unlikely. The most likely way that you would fall out is if the roller coaster malfunctioned and fell off the track, collided with another roller coaster car, etc. These are all possibilities, but they are very unlikely given the technology of today's roller coasters. For the most part, roller coasters are safe, and they are a lot of fun. Try not to worry about it, and just go have fun!

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    Roller coasters are very safe, you are more likely to have an accident on the way to the roller coaster than on the ride itself.

    Most roller coasters these days have a double safety restraint. Which means if one was to fail there is a back up.

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    Hello Jessica, First above all, I hope you are having a Wonderful night. Next, No. You cannot fall out of a steep Roller Coaster. Top Thrill Dragster located in Sandusky Ohio Has a 90 Degree straight down drop and has lap restraints. Please E-Mail Me tha Name or a picture of the ride and I will gladly respond for you. You can also post it under additional details if you wish/prefer.

    __________________________________________________________ I am a trusted guy. You can talk to be about anyhing and I will give a well written answer. Got an embarassing question you would not like to be made public? No Problem! I will help put As Soon as Possible!


    Hope tis helps and have a Wonderful NIght!

    Best Regards Jessica,

    Dan. (Danny).

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    As an avid curler Coaster fan, i visit state that, as long as you hold on with the pronounced regulations, you may not fall off a holiday at Six Flags. the people who go through injuries on rides the two did not make specific their protection kit became into linked or did something stupid like status up jointly as the holiday became into in action. in case you lose something out of your lap jointly as driving a curler coaster, wait till the holiday is finished, then tell the holiday operators and ask for suggestions. At a park like 6 Flags, the rides are inspected continuously so no, the holiday won't be able to fall off the coaster music. finally, in case you pay interest to the protection regulations, shop your palms and legs interior the vehicle in any respect circumstances, make specific your straps and bars and stuff are linked suitable and you pay attention to the training given by potential of the holiday operators, then you would be risk-free, you would be delighted and you have a maximum suitable time. appreciate. I choose i became into going.

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    The only possible way you could fall off a roller coaster is if you're a dumbass and you stand up and or/if you take your safety bar thingy off.. they're made for your safety!

    I've been on the really tall old wooden roller coasters and I ain't dead yet,

    good luck with your "rollerparanoia"

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    The answer is simply no. You will never ever, EVER fall out of a roller coaster. The technology is way too good for anything like that to ever happen. Believe me, you'll be safe...

  • Anonymous
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    Very very very very very doubtful.

    Those things are built for millions and millions of dollars. Engineers put a ton of work into them. They are ridden by tens of thousands of people every year. They are designed to give you that feeling.

    Really in the terms of things, there has barely been any amusement park deaths in ratio to visitors over the years. I've looked into this a lot.

    You are in WAY more danger in a car than that roller coaster.

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    of course there is a chance but its very rare and unlikely as long as the seat belt and lap bar are secure. (the staff will check your restraints before giving the ok to start the ride plus you can do a double check just to make sure)

    if you are scared just hold on tight.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No you can't

    They've designed rollercoasters depending on height and weight.

    If you dont fit the criteria i suggest you dont ride on it.

    The harness will protect you 100%

    The feeling of freefalling and the scared feeling you have is fun =]

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