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Has anyone seen the show Ghost Hunters?

i have...it's actually real unlike the other stupid ghost shows like most haunted and paranormal state. ghost hunters go in as sceptics

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    I agree, Jason, Grant, and the rest of the TAPS team from ghost hunters go into a place to try and disprove hauntings using scientific methods. I formed my paranormal investigative team along the guidelines set up by TAPS. The TAPS team actually shows evidence of what they could be paranormal activity and are slow to admit that a place is haunted. With the other shows they go into a place and everything the see or hear they claim to be paranormal.

    Justin Williams

    Co Founder of P.I.C.K.

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    I used to watch Ghost Hunters often and am just now getting back into it. I thought it got incredibly far-fetched when they started doing the live shows with professional wrestlers as guest investigators to get ratings for sci-fi's other shows. I'm watching it right now though.

    I do like that they go in as skeptics, but they aren't the only ones that go in trying to debunk things. Paranormal State also does a lot of debunking as well.

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    TAPS is awesome, but don't rag on Paranormal State- I believe both groups are doing valuable research both explaining to people- "Hey, you're not haunted 'this' is going on and you can fix it" and - "UH yeah. you might actually BE haunted".

    I love: "DUDE RUN!!!!!!" we rofl'd- and still occasionally blurt it out when the situation's appropriate. ^_^

    The other one :A Haunting ( I think that's A&E ghost story show) is really just about telling the story, not investigating it.

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    Not that I've seen. They are too dramatic and over the top for me. I'd recommend watching "A haunting" on discovery or "a haunted" on animal planet. They interview eyewitnesses and do reenactments of actual cases. (granted you still get the dramatic background music and all but at least in these it's based on real cases instead of people just screaming in the dark)

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    Is this episode (Garden State Asylum) the same location that Ghost Adventurers were earlier in the season? This place just looks familiar. ALSO they did an abandoned asylum in NJ- is this it?

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    Yes, and love it! Watch it, and then decide for youself.

    The other one you should watch is Paranormal State, I think it is on Bio. Watch that if you need confirmation of paranormal.

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    man now that show would scare the pants off anybody i am watching the show from last year it is called (house of spirits) in then at 10pm i am watching another one called (garden state asylum)


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    yeah, some people are too scared to watch it i think thats funny cuz its not that scary, cuz nothing usually ever happens really paranormaly cuz theyre all reality and stuff. at least the episodes ive seen

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    I watched a little of it. But I was too scared to watch the rest of it.

  • Casu.
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    I saw it once and I was scared out of my mind at what I saw. I never watched it again.

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