could you give me a list of swift and shift couriers episodes with their names?

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    * Ian Turpie as Keith Warne, Operations Manager, Hashfield Depot

    * Amanda Keller as Amanda Doyle, Regional Manager

    * Paul Fenech as Paul 'Mario' Gauci, driver

    * Melissa Tkautz as Melissa Schembry [5]

    * Kirsty Lee Allan as Leanne Murdoch, call centre

    * Angry Anderson as Aaron 'Agro' Smith, loading dock

    [edit] Supporting Cast

    * Sam Greco as Louie 'Luigi' Morreti, Driver

    * Kevin Taumata as Kev the Kiwi, Loading Dock and BBQ Tuesday Master

    * Nicholas Moala as Sam, Loading Dock

    * Aaron McTaggart as JJ, Loading Dock

    * Anthony Salame as Anthony Sukor, mail room trainee

    * Oliver Miletic as Oliver Vlacic, call centre

    * Elle Dawe as Elle Whick, call centre

    * Jan Bakker as Jan, call centre

    * Maret Archer as Doreen Ballini, call centre

    * Clarissa Morrision as Clarissa, call centre

    * David Cooper as David Jackman, loading dock

    * Stuart Rawe as George Darwin, Loading Dock

    * Renzo Bellato as Renzo Ballini, call centre

    * Jim Webb as Jim Spooner, dispatch

    * Alex Romano as Alex, dispatch

    * Murray Harman as Murray Smith, dispatch

    * Mark Duncan as Mark Tanner, driver

    * Michael Duncan as Mike Tanner, driver

    * Ashur Shimon as Abdul Azar, driver

    * Andrew Ausage as Sole Umaga, driver

    * Joe June as Jackie Leunfung, driver

    * Jioji Ravulo as Leonard Umaga, dispatch

    * Bill Drury as Bill Beazley, driver

    * Jennifer Corfield as Jen Beazley, driver

    * Brendan Jones as Jonathan, Managing Director Trimega Corporation

    * Ara Natarian as Omar Azar, Abdul's cousin

    * Dilshan Rain as Vikram Jayasili, Indian dispatch worker

    * Orlando Scolese as Fernando the Florist, regular client

    * Raphael Materese as Momo Gauci, Pauly's uncle

    * Waseem Khan as Indian Taxi Driver and Parking Officer

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