What about Islam has universal appeal?

What about Islam has universal appeal?

Islam is the most culturally diverse religion in the world, with Muslims from all walks of life.

So what exactly is it?

There are Asian Muslims, indian, white, black, indian, south American(latino), european, australian, african, american, canadian, ....

Your thoughts?

please no negatives, just plz answer the question.


Houthict I never said Christianity didnt have the same, but Muslims are more diverse that Christians.

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    The religion of Islam has the appeal of people being justified by their good works before God. Most people can't accept the fact that God has to save them. They want to be involved in the process and have some rules to follow so that they can feel confident that they are living a good life and God approves of them for that.

    The Bible teaches that good works are the result of God changing your life when you believe the good news about the Lord Jesus dying for your sins and the Holy Spirit makes you a new creation in Christ.

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    Chocolate. Sunshine. A glass of cool water. Sleeping late on a day off work. All of these are great, but none has universal appeal. In fact I can think of nothing on the face of the Earth that has universal appeal.

    So too with Islam. It has many good things going for it. It appeals to many (though I'm not convinced its appeal is any more diverse than Christianity).

    To some it provides liberation. To others peace of heart. Purpose in life. A moral code for conduct. A sense of order in a chaotic world.

    But these are things that others can obtain from elsewhere, not just from Islam. And so while it is clearly right for my Muslim friends, it is not necessarily right for me. Therefore it does not have universal appeal, or else I too would be a Muslim. Sorry. Just my opinion.


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    "There are Asian Muslims, indian, white, black, indian, south American(latino), european, australian, african, american, canadian,"

    The same applies to Christianity. Anyway, I don't find anything appealing about Islam, or any other religion for that matter.

    "Muslims are more diverse that Christians."

    It's the same.

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    In Muslim control countries if you are not Muslim you are either murdered or severely persecuted to a point you can't work and you starve to death.

    In Muslim countries if you try and tell people of a differing religion you are either thrown in prison or get your head cut off. If a Muslim converts to another religion again you are executed.

    In most Islamic nations if a woman tries to get an education or marry an non-Muslim she is executed by the state or by a family member.

    Yes, Islam is a religion of LOVE and tolerance.. Islam is the most oppressive and dogmatic religion in the world and is the antitheses to freedom and democracy and the Western culture, but rather something from a dark and barbaric time in history.

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    Islam, like Christianity, is evangelical: It actively seeks out new adherents and tries to convince them to follow their god.

    Islam, like Christianity, teaches that their belief is the only "true" belief, and that everyone else is wrong. Along with the fact that it is evangelical, this makes adherents actively seek out people and try and convince them that the world is a competition and the anyone who is not with their religion is not only a loser but actively evil.

    If I chose to get in people's faces and tell them that they are all losers unless they believe the same way as me, I am sure I could get some followers, and I am sure that they would be from all walks of life.

    I am neither evangelical nor do I believe that there is only one "truth."

    Source(s): Non-Abrahamic Theist
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    - A direct relationship with God alone. No intercessors. No needing to go through anyone (be they a prophet, saint, angel, anything) in order to speak with God. And this is given a GREAT importance, particularly through prayer.

    - Not only is charity mandatory for all those who can give... but unlike some other religions, importance is not given to the church. Rather, importance is given to those who would directly benefit from the charity. Where one might have to research a particular place of worship before they are comfortable giving.. again, with Islam one takes the direct approach and goes directly to the source.

    - On top of everything great about the Quran... it is as EASY to read and follow as it anything else (my opinion at least). While one has to take the time to learn what they are reading, it is not like some other religious texts where you find yourself so utterly confused that reading becomes a hassle. While the Quran is full of things to ponder, it is also full of things that are crystal clear and give the reader hope and happiness to read. It is inspirational, as well as educational.

    - For those who come from some of the other monotheistic religions, Islam is also a source of comfort. The people in history they've grown up believing to be great (Moses, Jesus, etc) are still a large part of the religion. One does not have to give up their belief in these people as great, and inspired by God in some way. At least for me, Islam gave me the means to embrace these figures, while continuing to hold God as having no equals.

    I could keep going. There are a lot of appealing things. Overall... it makes sense. If one just takes the step of beginning to read and understand Quran, they will know what I am talking about.

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    I think Muslims believe in Bible old testament. Both Christians and Muslims share almost the same history from Adam, Abraham, Moses.... till the birth of Jesus. the difference is only that Christians worship Jesus as God (based on bible new testament) They believe Jesus died on the cross and Resurrected on the third day. Muslims believe Jesus, like Mohammed, is a prophet. And God took him to heaven ( Jesus did not die) and will come back to judge and rule the world. Muslims believe that Mohammed is the last prophet( 600 years after Jesus), who was sent by God to reveal to and instruct people what is said in Koran.

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    Personally, I don't see how Islam is even compatible with modernity.

    I'm sick of questions like, "Is it haram to use a microwave if someone else microwaved pork on it before?"

    Source(s): Atheist (raised Muslim)
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    To me personally? I like the fact that you can't pressure anyone into converting.

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    Well we understand The Truth, The Light, The One who causes the non-existent to exist

    On top we believe all humanity is brother and sister from Adam and Eve

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