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Old School vs New ****.. Which is better?

when i talk about old school im referring to 2pac, biggie, wu-tang, death row records, eazy-e, ice-t and all the other old school rappers back in the day... now the new **** im referring to lil wayne, soulja boy, t-pain, T.I, kanye west, and all those up and new comers of today.. what you do prefer? me personally i like the old school but some of the new **** aint bad.. share your opinion about this

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    No School like tha Old $kool!! No comparison. tha $h!t they play on tha radio????


    Stay High

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    Hip hop/rap is supposed to be poetry. "Rapping" about lollipops, money or hoes is not poetry. A sane person cannot compare a song from a tribe called quest to some crap from lil wayne and say that lil gayne is better! Mainstream is not all bad but all these wannabes like wayne or soulja boy suck and are making rap look bad. Thats why i only listen to oldschool and underground while the other 3000 students in my high school are bumping to some t pain crap.

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    old school are you serious comparing tupac to lil wayne and biggie to soulja boy and i agree with you i love the old school and the new **** is good but c mon old school of course

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    Old school. Better lyrics, better beats and more originality. They didn't need a stupid dance to sell albums.

    I have a few rappers I like from the new school, but I can count them on one hand.

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  • 4 years ago

    Its hard to say that because the generation is changing and all ppl wanna hear now is sex, money, drugs, and killin ppl. There are still nice MC's of today but i do agree that rap was better back then depending on how far back u talkin.

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    Lil Wayne; not that bad. I just don't like HIM in general. the music isn't that bad.

    Kanye; what? no. remove him.

    TIP; ain't that bad either.

    I like specific parts of Old School & Specifics of the New School.

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    Old school. New school all talks about money, girls, and cars and repeat their lyrics over and over and over.

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    Old School is definitely better, no question, none!

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    i love the new because they've came up with realy good beats. yeah, i'm a drummer and those beats sound really cool and easy to dance to. xD

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    1 decade ago

    OLD SCHOOL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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