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mountain bicycles tires?

I have a Felt NINE elite 2008 the frame fits me fine but the height is a bit too big since it has 29" wheels. Would it be a bad idea to mount a set of hybrid tires to the original rims on this type of bike? That would make the bike's top tube over inch shorter which would be where I need it. This bike is considered a medium level mountain bike. I will be loosing the aggressive knobby tires and the new ones would be quite a bit narrow.


The frame is 17.5" which is rather small and fits me right. I do have clearance but I want just little more so I can maneuver the bike better,

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    lowering the bikes standover by changing the tires wont help much. It sounds like your frame is just to big.

    well if the bike fits, it may just take a while to get used too. you have to steer 29ers a bit more and getting used to the new height can take awhile, but it will come eventually. putting on semi-slicks will just creat even more problems. the bike will only be a few centimeters shorter and you will have made it even squirlier. If you are going to change it you could try putting some Cyclocross tires on... or if you have disks ans a pair of 26'' wheels you could just put them on... or one in the back at least.

    but If you say It fits I would just get used to the new height or get a new bike.

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    with the intention to place mountain tires on your bike you may prefer to alter to a lots wider wheel, and this could additionally require some physique substitute. an less complicated path could be to be certain your tires are right inflated. The narrow tires of a hybrid bike ought to have everywhere from ninety to one hundred twenty pounds of stress in them. verify to be certain yours are on the right poundage. There must be writing on the sidewall of your tire telling you the inflation variety. in the experience that your tires are actually not rated to inflate that top, get to a reliable bike shop. they should have the skill to sell you tires which will in advantageous condition right and soak up a extreme quantity of stress. remember, a greater tire won't take greater stress. The narrower the tire, the better the stress. Your sized tires ought to artwork advantageous for you. don't be afraid to inflate them, they are made to take it.

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    You have the wrong size frame period.

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