Craigslist murder suspect's fiancee: 'I still love him'?

I am not a bad looking guy. I am 31, 6 feet tall, 190 pounds and in good shape. I have a great job. Yet I am always single, since I have been rejected by every girl I ever asked out...

Yet murder suspects are still loved by their girlfriends and prisoners still receive visits from their girlfriends.

Yet I am not a murderer nor am I in prison but I am always single....

I do not understand this world?


''All you need is to act with confidence'' -

and how exactly do you do that when you have been rejected by every girl you were ever interested in?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honestly, I have wondered this about my bro he is about your age, smart, hard working and a good looking guy. But he is always single has little luck with females. And I agree about the confidence thing, its easier said then done.

    But do not be confused b/c a woman loves her murder husband. She probably loves who she knew (or better said thinks she knew). Love cannot be turned off like a switch. I mean if that was me I would could not even look at my husband I would hate him and be scared of him, But the love would slowly leave me.

    Also I see this in my bro, do not wonder or ask how come other men, mean men, stupid men, ugly men, broke men, violent men, even murderers get women. B/c that will just bring you down, make you negative, and even bitter. Sometimes I feel like my bro hates women b/c he is single, and b/c he sees a lot of them with worth less men. Granted I wonder this too, you sound like a good catch so is he, so why are you single. I cant answer that, and neither can anyone on yahoo answers. Maybe you have evaluate yourself, how do you approach women, what type of women do you approach, where do you meet them?

    Good luck with everything

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  • 1 decade ago

    All you need is to act with confidence. That's the secret that most people don't know about. You could be almost anyone but if you have confidence in who you are...and you know how to draw healthy boundaries so people don't walk on you..then you got it made. To be a caring person, but a strong person..that's the delicate balance....not arrogant, yet not a push over...

    Good luck to you

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    1 decade ago

    i just asked this to my gf and she said that if i was the killer and all and i killed 20 people or something that she would still lvoe me.. she says no matter if i killed people or not it would not make her able to stop all of a sudden loving me.. so idkk. interesting

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